Zimbabwean Blogger Thembi Terry Zulu Youtube Trailer


I’m so excited and scared at the same time.


What is a vlog?

A vlog simply put is video blogging.


How did the idea to vlog come about?

I attended the #WomenCreativeWednesday when the award winning lifestyle blogger Ameera Mimi was the special guest. She told us to be innovative. Find your own space and carve out a piece of the pie for yourself. (She didn’t really say pie but I am hungry as I am typing.)


And then it hit me…I will start vlogging!


Who else is doing it?

None that I know of in Zimbabwe not sure if Carl Joshua Ncube counts. But wait, there’s a late entry from Dimitra Alex

And I understand why. Vlogging takes an army to pull off properly. That has always been a fear of mine, producing work that is mediocre so I’d wait it out until I had everything to make a stellar piece of work. But this year I decided to try a different approach, “Start with what you have” or “Bloom where you are planted” and just grow from there.


But why vlogging?

  • There is money to be made as a Youtube influencer (Sponsored vlogs, adverts, paid reviews, etc)
  • Video content is on the rise with people like Olinda and Lasizwe being popular for Facebook videos
  • My personality will come out more when you can see me and hear me as opposed to just reading what I wrote.
  • Why the hell not? There is plenty of space for everybody on the internet. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


What can we expect from the vlog?

My vlog will be 2-3 minutes long. I have a short concentration span myself plus this ain’t Lord of the Rings. There will be a lot of monologues with me sounding off about the usual issues. As I get the hang of it, I would like to introduce more segments to the vlog that give silly advice but are really funny to watch.


Where will the vlog be?

The vlog will be aired on my Youtube channel – Thembi Terry Zulu. I have made provisions for it to be highly accessible to all my loyal readers. There is a VIDEO tab that leads directly to my channel on my website and on Facebook we have a Youtube tab as well where you can access my Youtube channel. How’s that for convenience?


Could I have made it any simpler?




So, click subscribe on my Youtube channel so that you get emailed everytime a new vlog is uploaded. I have a trailer on there already and work has begun on the first episode. I have three pages worth of episodes waiting to be recorded. That’s how excited I was to do this.