1. I am loud and sometimes proud of it. When I get excited my volume goes up. And like Halle Berry I’m kinda deaf in one ear.
  2. I am lactose intolerant and allergic to peanut butter. Funny thing is I can’t take fresh milk but I can have sour milk. I don’t take powdered milk. It just doesn’t make sense to me.
  3. Sat next to Mr Kamera in English Literature class in the Sixth Form. Didn’t realise then that he’d be the big deal that he has become. I used to think his beat making was annoying and noisy.
  4. I am extremely shy and I babble to try and cover it up. The silence makes me feel awkward like something is missing so I talk my way through it.
  5. Fine Art is my biggest talent. Just haven’t picked up a pencil in years. I love to draw. Mixing paint and blending it used to give me a high. I don’t have time for it no longer.
  6. My nicknames include Miss Muffy, T.T, TZR, depending on which part of my life you are in. My mum had two friends Terry and Lynne which is how I got my middle name.
  7. I have a short concentration span and I get distracted easily. When I am bored you will know it. My ability to be pretensious is weak. I also don’t lie very well.
  8. My greatest fears are snakes and heights. I cannot deal where these two are involved. My tummy knots up and I get nauseated.
  9. I always say I wouldn’t but if I had money I’d have some plastic surgery done in several places. My cheeks, my ribs, my teeth and my feet.
  10. When I was young I thought I’d be a teacher, cause they go on holiday. Looking back now I should have aspired to be a landlady instead and live off of my lodgers.