I used to watch a soapie called Backstage when I was little. On Backstage, they had a morning radio program called Juice, and the opening billboard would say, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, with juice.” Do you see what they did there?

Growing up, this assumption of breakfast being the most important meal of the day really stuck with me and I’d go out of my way to make sure that I had breakfast every single day. This was simple enough when I was unemployed but as I started my career in advertising, I didn’t have the time to make or even eat breakfast before work. I felt horrible. My first meal would be around 11am which is technically brunch.

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While I was in the States, we had access to the Willa Cather Dining Complex for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The lectures only started at 9am so there was plenty of time to get breakfast and the bonus was, I didn’t have to make it or wash the dishes afterwards.

I noticed two things.

1. I’d be sluggish all day

For some reason, no matter what I had for breakfast, cereal, fruits or carbs, I’d have fatigue or lethargy all day. I felt heavy and unable to move quickly. I was burdened. I assumed it was the change in environment but I struggled.

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2. When I had breakfast the hunger pangs would drag me

For a person who’s been on hormonal contraception, I know what it’s like to be dragged viciously by violent hunger pangs from the pits. And here I am, off the hormones and still ravenous by 11am. And lunch was a whole two hours away.

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Something was wrong.

It wasn’t until I came back home and slid back into my routine that I realised that having breakfast was my kryptonite. I’m happier, I’m faster and I’m more productive. What am I doing differently? I’m not having breakfast. I wake up, drink my warm lemon water and I’m ready to start my day.

One of the reasons why they encourage you to have breakfast is so that you can kickstart your metabolism. I guess it works because by 11 my metabolism will be in high gear in need of more fuel, causing me to eat more or bigger meals due to the fake news by my digestive system that I might be dying.

Kick-starting your metabolism might be a laborous process because it really takes a lot out of me. All the resources that my body has, feel like they are allocated to the kick-starting of the metabolism. Leaving no resources for any other bodily functions.

I’m sharing my personal experiences, don’t quote me and if you don’t agree with my body’s preferences, you can go argue with your dietician.