Its Valentine’s and you are giftless and loveless. And you have to wait another four years til the next leap year to be treated and pampered by a woman.

You’re sitting there thinking, “Why am I single?” And you come to the conclusion that its because you are broke. But does that mean you don’t deserve to be loved? By no means!

Women come across as gold diggers that are only attracted to men that are well off. But that’s not always the case. Men that have money are usually more appealing. The way a man walks when he has no money and the way he struts when he’s paper’d up are completely different. And obviously one is more sexier than the other.

Girls can date broke men. Its not unheard of. We aren’t completely unreasonable. Its a trying situation but we were built for long suffering. Ladies aren’t scared to put in work if you have potential. But she needs to know that its not a permanent kinda set up where potential remains poortential.

There are women that are successful that don’t need your money. Women that aren’t afraid to build with their hands. Women that are under pressure from society to get married and are willing to settle for someone of a lesser income bracket. But a man is a man is a man. Men have egos and not many can handle the woman making more than he does (real men obviously cause there’s a mutant breed of lazy men.) Enter ego-trips and resentment.

Now there is no peace in the house. Every little fight he accuses you of being disrespectful cause you make more than he does. He resents your success. And people around him are demeaning him about his financial issues and he takes it out on you. So he proves his manhood the only way he knows how through physical strength. Beats you senseless cause with brute force that’s the only way he can dominate you.

Obviously there’s a problem here. You’re broke but you don’t want to be single. And you don’t want a woman that has money either. So your only solution is to date a girl as broke as you. But girls of your income bracket are tryna break outta that cycle. Its a vicious cycle. What are you gonna do?

I always encourage girls to date a man at the same stage as you. Build together as a couple. Bond through blood, sweat and tears. Even when the love is thin you still have a bond as friends and as business partners. Learn each other. You see your partner’s wide pallet of emotions, strengths and weakness when put through the fire of working together.

Ready made men are an issue. They are used to getting things done on their own. There’s no room for you. Not only that but you aren’t the only one seeking his attention. A man with money has OPTIONS. And we are in Africa bruh, you don’t know how he made that money (Yes I’ve seen African Movies.)

Either way I think we all have different needs and perceptions. Go with the path that best suits you and always keep in mind that POVERTY is also a level.