Saviour syndrome is people basically running around playing Jesus with other people’s lives. Whereby somebody feels like you were nothing before they came along. These are usually ‘Know-It-Alls’ and they offer advice that you haven’t asked for. I find them insulting because they usually have a false sense of grandeur where your ideology is inferior in comparison. They meddle in other people’s lives to avoid the catastrophe that is their own personal lives. See, in their warped minds they feel that helping other people will make them feel better about themselves but I don’t want to be used as a 12 step programme.

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If I haven’t addressed an issue in my life I am just not ready to. I am not retarded. I am well aware of my hang ups and if I wanted to fix them I would have already. Instead of focusing on me, focus on the log that is in your eye. When I need help I will ask for it. And when I do, help me with what I need help with ONLY. Funny thing is people always want to help you the way they want to and that’s pointless. I need money and you tryna quote scriptures nah. The only scripture you should be quoting is that the Bible says money answereth all things. It’s like you want to help an orphanage with bread but Lobels is already supplying them with more than enough. Of course I won’t be grateful because its not what I am in need of. Assess the situation first, ask me what I’m struggling with and deal with that issue ONLY.

My problems are like my phone. If I hand you one don’t start scrolling tryna look for others. I don’t want you meddling for a reason and chances are I don’t feel that you are qualified to address the issue I am facing. I have an inner circle of ten strong women but each deals with a different aspect of my life according to their strengths and previous experiences. So next time before you jump into a telephone booth to put on your cape to come rescue me remember that I don’t want or need your help. And if you have genuine concerns about my life, take it to your Lord in prayer.