Since no one was willing to hire me I decided to just go out there and create my own employment (the Government must be so proud) and become a publicist. I had dabbled a little in the Zimbabwean entertainment industry and I saw a void and I sought to fill it. I knew I wanted to be in that industry but I had enough the skeletons to deter me from being famous so working behind the scenes suited me just fine.

Many Zimbabwean ‘celebs’ have the talent and star power but haven’t the know-how to package it well. From the Emily Kachote PR disaster, you’ll realise that some celebs don’t know when to shut up. My friend Swe always says the internet is written in pen, you can’t erase it so you can’t afford to have botch-ups of that magnitude. So while you are out there making your money, I line up your brand and strategically position you to stay in the limelight and get you the recognition you need.

I realized many of our popular personalities don’t have websites, their social networks are in shambles and some of the stuff they put up is just ratchet. We are competing on an international level and mediocre can no longer cut it. We always talking about how the media industry doesn’t pay so how about casting your net wider and appealing to a global audience? You can’t do that with just Facebook page. The biggest challenge has been trying to get some of my clients registered on Wikipedia. That taught me that we have a long way to go. We can barely qualify to get on there but thank G-d there’s a local option called Pindula.

As the client list keeps growing, I find myself getting strained because a lot of traveling is involved. So you practically live out of your suitcase and it’s all expenses paid. It’s like being a rockstar without doing the hardwork. There are so many personalities in Zimbabwe that had their careers shattered by lack of good PR and I’m no Jesus but I don’t see a single one that would be impossible to resurrect. That’s not a challenge though.