“Tragedy brings people together,” and that’s fine in the movies but what they didn’t tell you is how long they stay together thereafter. I don’t know what it is about grief that compels people to make promises they can’t deliver. I suppose they are just hoping that you won’t remember the promises when the grief wears off.

It takes real callousness to sell people dreams during a terrible time and provide a false sense of security when you know full well you don’t mean nothing by it. Just rip the bandaid. Don’t shelter the bereaved under the delusional apparations stemming from your guilty conscience. I’ve already lost someone I care about don’t put me through the second death of the hope and faith I had in you.

So now the pain is familiar and the tears have dried up and life’s not all its cracked up to be. Now you start to see the cracks that were glued together by the deceased. How without him you are all different bricks. And now the conversation has run dry and you start to realize you lost more people than just the departed.

You try to hold on, hoping a real bond will develop but it doesn’t happen. You share memories about your late loved one and compare notes about who loved him more or who knew him better. Misery loved company and as the pain wears off you no longer need each other as much. Such is life. Will wait til the next funeral.

R.I.P Daddy

R.I.P Daddy

Ironic how its the living that go ghost protocol on you instead of the dead.