We’ve all got things that we would like to change about ourselves. It’s what drives us to change, morph and develop to the ideal versions of ourselves. Sometimes, I get so distracted by the things that I am not instead of meditating on the things that I am.  So here are the 5 things that I love about Thembi Terry.

Divine wisdom

Girl, you got the smarts shem. You just know what to do when to do what to do. It’s like you have your own secret hotline direct to the heavens. This gift has served you well as manoeuvre through life. Wisdom is what keeps you sane. I love that you are able to speak into a situation sometimes jokingly but real wisdom would have been imparted.  I am always shocked by the things that come out of your mouth cause you’re usually so silly. So I get stunned when you are so wise.

Emotional amnesia

Your ability to emotionally forget past transgressions is worthy of applause. In your mind it may live on forever but the emotional turmoil that came along with, you’d have already discarded. This gift has sheltered you from your mental health deteriorating. The downside is that, because you have forgotten what that pain felt like, you will keep giving the perpetrators second chances to do the same thing again. I stand amazed at how much you have managed to forgive and move past.

Big imagination

We can’t conclude this blog post without mentioning your money maker, the reason you get paid the big bucks. You are so weird in the way that you think, which is one of your superpowers. Zimbabwean education took a crack at making you standard to think like everybody else but you’ve still got your originality. The way you see things is amazing. You see things that other people don’t and that’s what makes you, you. The side effect of this gift is that sometimes it fuels your paranoia and drives you to the edge and its difficult to reel you back in.

Even bigger heart

You can love! You love quickly and deeply. You wear your heart on your sleeve and can easily put yourself in other people’s shoes. You are compassionate to everyone that you meet and are always wondering how you can help the people around you. This is the your main driving force when it comes to the work that you choose to do. Its kinda stupid that sometimes you don’t charge for your services but that’s just how selfless you are. The downside is that this is a faulty business model.

Hardworking hands

You’ve never been afraid of a little hard work. You like to throw yourself into your work and you don’t give anything less than 100%. You dislike to fail so you do your very best to make sure that failure is never an option. You love learning new things. You like doing things that challenge you and bring out gifts in you that you didn’t realise you had. Sometimes, you’ll bite off more than you can chew and spread yourself too thin. More often than not, you run out of fingers to put in the pies.

What are the five things that you love about yourself?