Image Courtesy of Optimass Art

Today is May the 8th!

Its Samantha Mussa’s birthday.

Most of you know her as Misred from ZiFM Stereo. This post is long overdue but been struggling to find the right words. Yes, I couldn’t find the right words for years! I cannot begin to thank you enough for everything you have ever done for me. You literally were my strength when I was weak. From the time I was a clueless intern that was always in one crisis to another to today, still as clueless as back then. You gave me my first opportunity to pursue my dream of being a publicist. You were a joy to work with and it also helps that you were an easy sell.

You came to me when I was lost. I was beyond lost. I was so below the radar that even my people didn’t know if I was alive or nah. I left ZiFM when my Dad had just passed away and came home. It was the worst position to be in cause I had just lost my life compass, my everything. I didn’t know what to do, where to start. My operating system had just passed on. I got depressed. Slipped into a dark place and just set up camp there. I didn’t sleep. I couldn’t eat. I would just lurk around the house like a cash strapped ghost.

And then you called.

You were coming down for ZITF. I hadn’t been beyond the wall in months but you insisted. We spent the day at the ZITF. I was so overwhelmed by everything. Too many people, too much noise. Your set finished and you came to feed me. You’ve always known how to prep your entrance. You told me what you wanted to do and you laid out the basic vision for the Misred brand and I was so excited for you. Til you said you want me to be your captain. I don’t think you understand that at that point in my life I didn’t want anything at all. I just wanted to sleep.

It was the first time in a long time that I felt excited about something. I was honoured that you’d even consider me. I was a publicist in my imagination at this point. That was like Thembi Terry 2020 and you pulled her out in 2015. I wasn’t ready, you made me ready. You taught me so much about the industry and took me to meet some of the coolest people. You weren’t just an angel sent to save me from me but you are also the destiny helper that has made me the force that I am today and for that you have my eternal loyalty and unending gratitude.

Happy Birthday Sam! I really do love you.