That awkward moment when you finally get to speak to your crush and their one deal breaker is something you are guilty of.

My crush likes girls with cute feet. So imagine how crushed I felt when my webbed-toed, size 8 shoes wearing self felt when I heard this. I had to make a change.

My feet have always been that body part that I do not pay much attention to. They are there and when I am bathing I wash them when I get there but to say that I went out of my way to look after them would be a lie. A simple wash and moisturize was enough. Until it wasn’t.

I had never been for a pedicure. What do I mean I had never been, I still haven’t been. I’d feel so awkward if someone were to wash my feet. I guess this is why I wasn’t chosen to play the role of Jesus. I would have kicked Martha when she tried to wash my feet with her hair no gaal. Does she intentionally want to shred her hair and end up with split ends.

My mom has this one friend that loves the good life. She likes to go have her feet done and the people there have no respect. They do what it takes for the money but laugh at her when she leaves. You see she likes sandals, which is harsh on the feet. It exposes them to the harsh elements and dries them out. So you grow thickened skin on your feet like Beyonce in ‘Hold Up.’ My fragile ego isn’t ready to be ridiculed so I avoid pedicures.

I went on the internet and did some research on how to look after my feet better. My feet flaws cannot be fixed without plastic surgery. Some of my toes need to be shortened and my foot width needs to be reduced. I will never be able to fit into Jimmy Choo shoes. I can’t wear those triangle-shaped shoes either. Anyway, I found some tips that I found useful.

  • Soak your feet in warm water and Epsom salts
  • Use a pumice stone regularly
  • Avoid wearing tight shoes that will cause bunions and discomfort
  • Apply Vaseline petroleum jelly before bed and wear socks
  • Don’t walk around without shoes
  • Wear socks with shoes

After using these tips my feet started to improve in appearance. I also bought a manicure set and a razor blade to start grooming my feet better. I invested in nail polish of which I discovered that deep red compliments my toes the best. I stopped wearing pumps and wore slippers every where, in summer and winter, just so my feet would recover from the bunions. I had this one bunion on my left foot that people liked to step on. It was constantly in pain. Even when someone figuratively stepped on my toes it would feel pain.

Did this gain me the confidence that I needed to pursue my crush?

Oh God no. I’d need new feet for that.