So, when I went to go see #Acrimony I knew what to expect from Tyler Perry. I knew a black man was gonna be done dirty by an angry black female and against all odds the black man was going to come up victorious while the black woman has to suffer the consequences of her actions. How dare she come against an innocent man like that.

I don’t like being right but this time I was disappointed to be correct.

There was nothing new to see here to be honest. This was Diary of a Mad Black Woman all over again. Not only is this loosely the same storyline from Empire but we also have the same girl from Empire playing a younger Taraji here as well. And get this, remember how Cookie Lyon goes over to Luscious’ in underwear and gets embarassed when BooBoo Kitty is there? Yup, that happens in the #AcrimonyMovie too. Wait, didn’t Beyonce write this movie as a spin off to her “Ring the Alarm” song?

I watched this movie TWICE with my BFF and bae respectively. Watching it with them gave me two different perspectives on the movie. But we aren’t here for those so let’s get right into it.

  1. Don’t try to build a man

God said let us make man in our own image and women are still at it 2000 years later. I get that sometimes you can build a man and it will have a happy ending but more often than not it doesn’t pay out the way you thought it would. I’m all for dating a man with potential but some die just that poortential. And in the meantime your womb is succumbing to nature and when he finally hits the jackpot, your ovaries have turned to ash and he cheats with a younger woman. Men will tell you to wait for them while they get their money right and completely disregard that they are fertile til the death. I am not going on the shelf for nobody.

  1. Love isn’t a group assignment

When it comes to relationships, you need to mute some people in your life. It’s a game for two with no room for courtside spectators. The sisters were wrong from the jump and their gossiping mouths aggravated a situation unnecessarily. True or not, rumors of infidelity sow a seed of doubt and just like faith, doubt the size of a mustard seed can cause irreparable damage. Do what feels good for you. What I liked about Melinda is that she made a decision and she was fully prepared to handle the consequences that came along with. That’s my kinda girl.

  1. He owed her nothing

Now this here gets me pissed from a personal perspective. It hits me right in the ovaries cause I had an ectopic pregnancy and the nigga ditched and had babies elsewhere while I contemplate my fertility or lack thereof. If he gave me ten million dollars would that repair and bring back my fallopian tubes? Nope! I’d probably be able to afford an expensive test tube baby and a surrogate. Understand that Melinda had a hysterectomy. You can’t put a price tag on that are you mad?

  1. Love don’t cost a thing

Was she wrong for spending all that inheritance money on her man? Absolutely not. What was wrong was keeping receipts. It’s the same shit that is driving me nuts about men. You can’t buy a teenager a pizza and walk around feeling like she owes you unprotected sex. STOP feeling like somebody owes you something. Don’t give if you’re gonna keep entitlement as a receipt. Unconditional love does not give expecting to get something back. If you can’t give like this then don’t give in the first place.

  1. Don’t hold on, just let go

See the thing with Tyler Perry movies is that they scare women into a corner of doubts and what if’s. Now girls that have been thinking that they need to leave their deadbeat boyfriends wont because they scared that I have held on for so long already what if he gets his break tomorrow. Well girl, what if you are his bad luck and he will only hit the big time when you leave? Then what? What about what you need? Don’t you want to start a family? How will you feed them kids with this fool working on his dream? Leave, sooner rather than later.

Haven’t seen the #Acrimony trailer? Click here: Tyler Perry’s Acrimony Official Movie Trailer

Personally, I went to go see the movie for Taraji. She was a pleasure to watch until now. She needs to be pickier about the roles that she chooses. We complain about stereotypes of black women being portrayed as angry and volatile and yet as black women we keep accepting these roles. Her performance wasn’t too great which I thought was impossible from Taraji. Their green screen thingy sucked. Her hair was horrid. Twas painful to watch really but hey I watched the movie twice so a sister got paid so it’s all good.

So, if you’re now as hyped up as I am, lets listen to what should have been the soundtrack of Tyler Perry’s Acrimony: