What he stoleThinking about a person all day every day is an exciting feeling. No matter what you are doing you can’t seem to get them off your mind. They literally own your mental space. You can’t turn it off. You wonder what they are doing or thinking every single minute of everyday and its enraging not knowing. So you have imaginary conversations with them in your head and live out countless scenarios.

That’s how I feel about the guy that has tried to break into our house…TWICE!
He didn’t get into the house to rob us but he has stolen my peace.
I have questions.

How many times has he been here?
What does he want exactly?
Why us out of 36 houses on this road?

He has vandalised the street light so that he can come steal Nicodemusly by night. Surely he has put a lot of thought into this. On both occasions he has shown up at 23:00hrs isn’t that like daytime for thieves? I’m restless. I feel violated. How many times have I been in my house and him on that Peeping Tom tip just watching us?

Those authors that wrote self help books talking about how nobody can steal your peace without your permission haven’t experienced an intrusion. A violation of their personal space. He has such perseverance and determination. He’ll be back. But when?

It makes no sense to me. He keeps jumping the security wall. What is his exit strategy for when he cleans us out? Should he ever.
This experience has made me take notice of all the stuff I took for granted. In my quest to find what he is after I am more appreciative of the stuff we have. Always thought we didn’t have enough and that our property is old but somebody is risking it all to get at it.
I can already see his face now when he realises that this stuff is barely hanging on by a thread. I wish him all the luck in trying to get half these electrical appliances to work without a chicken sacrifice and a song and dance around the fire.

Lastly, we have never been robbed for a very good reason. You picked the wrong house.

Boy bye!