Thanks forNothing!Do you have a friend that you love but can’t trust to come through for you when you need them? They are exciting to be around during the good times and when the kill time comes they always have an excuse as to why they cannot be there for you? Do you send them a message excited about something and yet they will always find fault with it? It’s almost like they cannot handle seeing you happy.

I wasn’t familiar with this feeling since I was back stabbed in high school.

Rewind to 2006, Petra High school.

The coolest guy in school was crushing on me hard. (You can see why.) Everybody knew it! Enter my ‘friend’ stage left.  We’ll call her the little birdie, she said to me, “TZR you know you can’t date that guy though right? We all know he has AIDS.” The one thing I was afraid of more than AIDS was the Revelations. I was young and stupid. I avoided him like the plague ((see what I did there?) I couldn’t be in the same place as him.

This little birdie went on to date him for FOUR years after that.

Haven’t trusted friendly advice ever since.

Fast forward back to now

I’m 27. It’s a new world. We have the internet and children have rights. So much has changed. (So you’d think) I opened up my heart to a couple ‘friends.’ (I’m on some dumb stash.)

Backstory: A former employer offered me my old job back and a shawty I used to roll with says to me, “Nah, don’t take them up on their offer, they made me the same offer and I will not be going back to them either.”

Found out in a mutual Whatsapp group that she is back there.

Am I mad?

Yes. But not at her but myself. Trick me once shame on you but trick me twice shame on me.

I didn’t want the job back. True. But it’s the whole principle of the thing. Open and honest communication. Speak to me about it and help me understand why the 360 all of a sudden. Because if we leave my imagination to fill in the blanks it goes all out and you come out looking all levels of treacherous.

If you want to lose my friendship, withhold information and let me catch you. It may sound stupid a reason but we all have our dealbreakers and this happens to be mine.

If you’re gonna keep stuff from me, keep away from me.