deeper-brown-clapping-hands-signI sat there slap-jawed and starry eyed as Britney Spears thoroughly humiliated herself with a clumsy, sloppy, un-rehearsed performance…after Beyonce no gaal. (They really set her up for failure.)

The only thing I found more awkward than her  was the crowd’s roaring applause when she was finished.

What are you clapping for?

Kim Kardashian over-promised Britney’s “triumphant” return to the VMAs and Miss Spears under-delivered. Yes, it was better than her ‘Gimme More’ performance but its not up to ‘Slave 4 U’ standard neither.

I realised the arts and media industry in Zimbabwe is also structured the same way. When somebody puts out something we are shy to come out and give them criticism. Constructive or not. We fear burning bridges and being outcast.

Its like those people on Facebook that like hideous pictures. What are you doing? You aren’t doing that person a favour by liking their trash. Au contraire you are condoning and encouraging such filth to continue.

I have seen blogs, mainstream media and opinion leaders endorse some of the most substandard work just because they are afraid of stepping on people’s toes.

One of my worst fears is being surrounded by people that don’t build or help me grow. An entourage of ‘Yes’ people that would keep the harsh truth from me while the world scoffs at my efforts. Nobody is perfect. I need my people to protect my blindside.

Don’t let me work a room full of people with food stuck in my teeth.

Should your website have spelling or grammatical errors I will tell you. If the picture isn’t showing you in the best light I will let you know. I am humane so of course I’ll approach you one-on-one and not drag you out in public.

I don’t expect anything less from you in return.

The industry cannot grow if we sit and cuddle each other’s feelings and walk around on eggshells. The standard is no longer just local its international. We can’t afford to be mediocre in this digital global village. For example, as a photographer you cannot be satisfied being the best of the worst. You aren’t just being compared to the ‘men with cameras’ that sit at the park. You are competing with the remarkable images we see everyday on Pinterest and Instagram.

If she can’t sing tell her. No matter who her dad is.
If he isn’t funny, tell him.
If his mixes sound like they were arranged by a toddler…you get the picture.

Good luck losing friends and alienating people.