Do you ever wake up in the morning and dread going to work?

This was me at some point of my life.

My boss was a killjoy. Every time she would pull up to the driveway despair would fill the room and all joy would commit suicide. Time would slow down and everyone would be just as slow.

Have you ever Google’d if unemployment is a cause of death?

Thing with her is, her presence would set the tempo in the office. If she was happy, we were all supposed to crack jokes and laugh with her. If she was upset, she’d take it out on all of us with snide comments and unnecessary attitude.

Sometimes I’d sit there and consider being unemployed was better than coming to work.

You could never guess which side of the coin would show up to work.

It was like dating an abuse boyfriend. Eminem put it nicely when he said, “When its going good its going great but when its bad, its awful.”

She didn’t understand that she was the reason why the company was failing. As creatives, the last thing we needed was Moody Judy raining on our parade disrupting progress with her bad vibes. She nearly dragged the feminism out of me to say I’d rather go work for The Man. She is the reason why men didn’t want us in the boardroom, because we are so “emotional and volatile”. My previous male employer had a constant vibe. Good or bad, he wouldn’t go around spilling his feelings in the air.

As a woman, I know things get crazy. Mood swings happen but I try to be constant. I watch what I say and restrain myself. This is what is needed the most. For the sake of the business. They were not paying me enough and to conserve my mental health, I ditched.

The audacity. The nerve.

She had the audacity to make it like we were friends. Like she cared about my wellbeing. I just sat there and took it. When she was done, I was done.

People don’t quit jobs. They quit managers.

This quote blew my mind because that is exactly what I have been doing. I love my work. Whatever it is, you know I’m giving it my all. Its the humans that make it hard to stay in manmade harsh working conditions.