What do you find most attractive in a man?

No, I wasn’t going to say money but money is definitely number 2.

I thought I knew exactly what I wanted in a man. I’d been writing that checklist ever since I started watching romantic comedies. That list is gone now because clearly it was unrealistic but it took a horrible kombi ride home to discover a sexy trait that I want in my mate.

So this was us, around 6pm in the evening headed to Westgate Area D. We were about to go past the Zambezi flats, I was still a long way from home. I just sat in the kombi with my earphones blaring. There was nothing to see outside cause I had seen this scenery many times before. The kombi stops and I’m thinking great, stops have already begun which can only prolong my journey home.

The passenger beside me leaned on me violently and when I looked over this tall, light skinned gentleman was standing in the kombi. This was strange because he was in the backseat and people in the seats in front of him weren’t up yet for him to disembark. I removed my earphone to hear the story. Him and the conductor were going at it. Which is the norm here apparently. Turns out he’d been yelling his stop and they still passed it. The driver chimed in and my dreamy guy was triggered.

He gets out the kombi, goes past the front to the driver’s door. Guys, he whipped the driver out his seat like a stepmom taking food from her stepchild. He threw the driver against the kombi. I was shook, literally. Next all I heard were punches. The sound of flesh on bones. I was so scared but I couldn’t look away. The men from the kombi came out to rescue the driver but my future husband was in too deep already. He was too tall for the midgets that were trying to restrain him. All of a sudden he stopped beating on this useless driver and left.

The driver comes back to the kombi and reaches for the dashboard. He pulls out something and heads after my betrothed. But the object of my affection had disappeared into the night and out of my life.

Am I into tall guys? No. My man needs to have some violence in him. Watch the clip below,

That whole thing was the sexiest thing I’d seen that day and that’s a big deal because I see myself naked every morning.

Dated this one guy, we were walking (you see why I don’t like broke men?) Anyway, we were walking in the CBD streets of Harare. Then this man came and bumped into me so hard that he knocked the wind out of me. For some reason people here walk with an excessive amount of force. Instead of defending my honor, my boyfriend was like, “Ah! I’m sorry.” We broke up shortly after that.

I need to know that you can hold your own in a fight. I don’t wanna be embarrassed on your behalf when you get your ass beat in a fight. And I sure as hell won’t tend to your wounds you pathetic weakling. I associate violence with the ability to protect. If thieves come in to the house the man of the house must attend to it. I didn’t advocate for 50/50 mind you. The man must be the man, please and thank you.