The road to hell is really paved with good intentions.

When you read ‘witch’ you automatically assumed that I was a naked, hyena riding, potion making witch and although that’s where witches end up, I wasn’t at that level yet.

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Let me start with a backstory.

I love all the people around me and because of that I want the very best for them and that’s usually more than what they want for themselves. I watched a close friend of mine burn her life to the ground and I tried to save her. The darkness had engulfed her too intensely. I prayed and I prayed that one day she’d see the light. I spent sleepless nights worried about her and that worry turned into frustration.

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Truth is, I am a control freak and that makes me an ideal candidate to become a witch. Let me put this in perspective for you, God gave us all free will. Free will is the right to choose. He says, “I have put before you two choices, life and death. Choose life”. What this means is that he’d like for us to choose life but death is still on the table. He won’t force us to choose what he’d prefer. In light of this, witchcraft is basically overriding someone else’s free will and imposing your own thoughts, feelings over that person.

I watched this one Christian show that blew my mind. The one lady had a prayer request for marriage and she knew who she wanted to be wedded to. The prayer man stopped her dead in her tracks and explained to her that her prayer request was borderline witchcraft. Saying, “Lord I am ready for marriage,” is different from, “Lord I want to marry Peter.” Peter needs to want to marry you. God isn’t a love potion that can override Peter’s free will over the spouse he chooses to marry. It reminds me of that scene in Aladdin when Genie outlines his three rules of things that he can’t do and one of them was, “I can’t make someone fall in love with you.”

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So, as much as I would’ve liked to help my friend, I had to step back and let her be. You see, God neither sleeps nor slumbers. He is taking my friend through a journey and I need to respect that. I need to respect the choices that she has made. I need to stop being so controlling and let Jesus take the wheel. My Saviour Syndrome won’t like it but I need to focus on my own focus. For God knows the plans that He has for her.

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Try and think of the things that we consider to be witchcraft and notice how in every instance, someone’s free will has been violated.