If you had to choose between marriage and money what would you choose?

We all know what I’d choose.

Money over everything unless that marriage is into money then in that case I’d choose marriage.

Relationships are a delicate balancing act of compromise and sacrifices. This hits women a whole lot harder cause they have to worry about being an old maid, a spinster and racing against an expiring womb. With all this burdening them, they tend to choose marriage over money. Tragic.

The prevailing economic situation in Zimbabwe is disheartening. I’d genuinely like to jump ship and relocate to another country but my lover has other ideas. He’d rather stay here and ‘Survivor’ it out. Fortunately for him, I have nowhere to go so his plan wins. But what if tomorrow a door opened for me to leave Zimbabwe, what would happen then?

I’d like to think that I’d walk through that door and move to another country leaving my lover behind and our relationship would survive it. I think.

What I’ve learnt about life is that things aren’t always black and white. I used to have strong opinions about what was right and what was wrong and life tried me on all counts. In that same vein, I won’t know what I’d choose until God blesses me with that dilemma.

When I was younger, a boy asked me to move countries for him. I refused. To be fair, that was before the RTGS dollars. I had stars in my eyes back then and the stubborness of a mule to boot. Boy was I donkey of the decade. I refused to move out to him cause I didn’t know people where he was, please note that this was during a time when I’d never slept a night away from home.

I kept thinking what if he decides to hold this over my head forever? That he was the one that rescued me from a delapidated country? What if we fought and I couldn’t go anywhere cause I knew no one in that country? What if he just plain put me out? Those were the questions that were buzzing in my head. I declined.

Look at me now, planning to leave the country all by myself.

I think if you’re gonna move countries for a boy, you need to have a solid back up plan. Contingencies. There must also be other reasons for you to move that are beneficial to you. Escaping the maths of doing exchange rates is a damn good reason.

Also think about what you are leaving behind. I hate change of environment. God would literally have to Abraham me in Genesis 12:1 for me to leave and even then I’d try to negotiate. I like my comfort zone. I like knowing people. I like knowing where everything is. I like speaking my native language.