In preparation for #Booked&Busy2019 I have taken initiative and listed some of the expectations that I have when I am booked for a speaking gig.

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To get paid

I didn’t understand this when my mentor was trying to teach me about ‘riders.’ She explained to me that part of her ‘rider’ as a speaker is that, if people are paying a fee to attend the session then it’s only right that she gets paid as a speaker. Twas weird because I thought it went without saying but I stand corrected. Its like how musicians say if they perform, they should be compensated from gate takings. If the event is a free-for-all I don’t see why I should ask for a slice of a pie that isn’t there. But for me to speak at such an event, there needs to be a very good reason, Beyonce should be in attendance.

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Refreshments obviously

Yeah, your girl needs to be refreshed. This sounds like a diva demand but its common courtesy. If I came to your house and I was your guest would you not offer me something to eat/drink? How is this different? To be fair, I like to be offered food for any reason. When I say refreshments, I don’t mean anything lavish, it could be simple chilled bottle water. Unfortunately I no longer take fizzy drinks so I’m a cheap guest. Let’s just say nerves dehydrate me and I don’t wanna get a dry throat during my presentation.

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Pictures and videos

I can’t be on stage and also take pictures of myself. In the near future, I’d like to get someone that live tweets during my presentations and another person that takes pictures or goes live. Here’s my reasoning, I’d like to build my portfolio as a speaker and having these pictures and videos will help me to do that. They will also help me to push the event in post-event content such as blog posts or vlogs. You hired me for my expertise and following, let my message be heard far and wide.

But isn’t this unfair for the people that paid to attend that others get this content for free?

We’d need to get this clear from the jump that these are the terms and conditions and we compromise because this is still my content. Maybe we can agree for just the highlights to be shared. If the message is an important one, wouldn’t you want more people to see it? Or for it to be available for reference for the people that were in attendance to refer back to? I don’t know, I’m open to persuasion.

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Branded promo material

I’d need a flyer to share on social media that I’ll be speaking at your event. Yes, I could have one designed myself but they all need to be uniform across all speakers. My sphere of influence needs to see where I’ll be and what I’ll be presenting on so that they can sign up to attend. Visuals are shareable which is great for advertising and ticket sales. Help me, help you. Give me something to work with to make the event a success.