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It’s the shame for me

What made us believe that shame and humiliation are a motivating factor? If I’m failing at something, what makes you think being ridiculed about it will make everything better? As I’m working through my complex, multi-layered issues, at the root…

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Help is a luxury

I’ve bumped into adverts from people looking for house help in Facebook groups and sometimes they are brave enough to even state how much they are offering. These posts get so much engagement because why are we paying our help…

Love & Life

Why do we hide food?

Everyone knows someone who locks food away as if it’s some title deed to a mining claim. The kitchen will be empty and you’ll see food items coming from the direction of the bedroom area. Me, personally, I then reject…

Love & Life

Why Your Build-A-Bob Bounced

The girlies have been asking why the men they built never stuck around when they made it big. Well, firstly, who was the wrong one in Acrimony? Now that you’re emotionally hyped up, let me ask you another question. Did…

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Family: The Father’s Side

Happy New Year! I’m so glad you made it to 2023!  We’ve just made it past the festive season, which was a time for family and togetherness. I bumped into funny content trolling the father’s side of the family and…

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Get Out of my Hair

I have never walked into a hair salon and randomly picked a hairdresser to do my hair. Every person that has done my hair has been a referral. When I see someone with a hairstyle that I like, I ask…

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Are Babies a Setback?

The thing with kids is that they don’t have a return policy. Once they are here that’s when you really see that the pudding is in the tasting. If having kids isn’t a setback, why are you using the law…

Love & Life

Love Potions Available

  Of all the things you could witchcraft for, why would you choose men? You are risking eternal damnation over a penised creature? Was he God’s last born on this green earth? Were there no men left? Even Andrew Tate?…

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