Thembi Terry Whande

Hustle & Grind

You need a Rival

It doesn’t matter who your archnemesis is, real or imagined. You need one to put fire under you. As humans we are naturally wired (by a capitalist society) to compete with the next person. Men do it when they are…

Love & Life

The Youth Need Answers

YOUNG PEOPLE AT CROSSROADS – REALIZING THE RIGHT TO ADEQUATE FOOD AND DECENT LIVING AMIDST COVID-19 AND CLIMATE CHANGE The young people of today are hungrier than ever for success, for knowledge and for basic human rights. However, we exist…

Love & Life

The Boy Was R*ped

I want to start with stating that that 13 year old boy was indeed sexually assaulted aka sex with a minor. The truth is, boys are secretly being sexually assaulted and most cases never come to light. I’ve heard stories…

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