Thembi Terry

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You need a Rival

It doesn’t matter who your archnemesis is, real or imagined. You need one to put fire under you. As humans we are naturally wired (by a capitalist society) to compete with the next person. Men do it when they are…

Love & Life

The Youth Need Answers

YOUNG PEOPLE AT CROSSROADS – REALIZING THE RIGHT TO ADEQUATE FOOD AND DECENT LIVING AMIDST COVID-19 AND CLIMATE CHANGE The young people of today are hungrier than ever for success, for knowledge and for basic human rights. However, we exist…

Love & Life

The Boy Was R*ped

I want to start with stating that that 13 year old boy was indeed sexually assaulted aka sex with a minor. The truth is, boys are secretly being sexually assaulted and most cases never come to light. I’ve heard stories…

Love & Life

So she’s gifted

Every woman has her own unique gift that has been bestowed upon her by her Maker. It is her duty to nurture and develop this gift to the best of her ability. The trouble then comes in when she finds…

Hustle & Grind

Live in the Now

Do you ever look back at some of the years of your life and some chunks seem to be a blur? You can’t seem to remember what you were doing with your life during those missing pieces. No, your memory…

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