If you know me, you know that I never go anywhere without my phone and my headphones. I have a playlist for every chore and every mood. It wasn’t until I had to go to the States that I fell so homesick I started to really appreciate music from home. My favourite song during the culture shock was ‘Kure.’ I’d play it on repeat!

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My boyfriend and I once attended Madhorofiya Socials when I was in Harare and they had this cool segment of Urban Grooves karaoke. I could recognize the songs but I couldn’t sing a lick of Shona. What impressed me was that King Kandoro allegedly wrote out the lyrics for the karaoke himself. I would have killed ‘aiwa mukoma.’ But it got me thinking, we need a repository of Zimbabwean music in one place.

When I first bumped into the Buddie Beatz music app, I thought it was just that caller ringback tones thing. I am not the target market for that product but I realised that this Buddie Beatz music app has most of the top-charting Zimbabwean artists. Imagine having an unending playlist of over 45,000 songs running throughout the day over your phone to energise your work or your daily chores. The Buddie Beatz music app allows me to stream, download music, and create playlist anytime, anywhere.

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What most people don’t know is that when I was younger, my friends and I had a youths’ arts passion project called Khura Arts. We were really enthusiastic about local music and the artists that make it. We were all about grooming the next generation of artists to manage their careers better. So this isn’t something new to me. The digital distribution of music through the Buddie Beatz music app, came at a time when the music industry was facing southside due to cancer called piracy. Most musicians’ sweat was being plundered through piracy, where they have pocketed close to nothing from their toiling this is recommendable use of technology to proffer solutions and close gaps.

Buddie Beatz is a great step for local artists to showcase their music and to reach a wider audience that is patriotic. I wouldn’t have known that I love Enzo Ishall if I hadn’t been exposed to his music. I would love to see more Bulawayo artists on Buddie Beatz. The variety in genres is great but I need to hear more music that I can understand and relate to. It’s indeed the “Hub of African Music” for all sort of music and entertainment this will cater for all music lovers’ appetite for music from your Afro-Pop, Jazz, Hip-Hop Rhythm n blues, Sungura, House, Zim-Dance hall, Gospel, Mbira, Marabi, Accapella, Rhumba, and Maskhandi. Hopefully I’ll bump into the next Oliver Mtukudzi, who could bring different tribes together through music. Zimbabwe definitely needs more music like that to heal the nation.

Buddie Beatz is downloadable on google play or apple app store, download it today and have a feel of local tunes on the go! Artist can submit music on www.buddiebeatz.com.