Beyonce-FormationSo as a black woman you’re a second class citizen, positioned at the bottom of the societal food chain. You’re sitting there spectating the oppression olympics and getting the wrong end of the batton constantly.

And you’ve been wondering who is going to rescue you from the dungeon that is anything from patriarchy to white supremacy. And in comes Beyonce on a sinking police car and your desperation for a saviour blinds you to the obvious razzle dazzle that is before you.

You think Beyonce’s formation is an anthem for black girls and black people as a whole? Please allow me to convince you otherwise.

Here’s what I thought about Formation.

If she's white put her in the light, if she's black put her in the back. YUP! Formation looks the same to me.

If she’s white put her in the light, if she’s black put her in the back. YUP! Formation looks the same to me.

Ok, so Beyonce is no stranger to singing about causes that don’t really affect her. Did she not release ‘Single Ladies’ after she got married? I found that a little snide to be honest. Almost like a ‘ha-ha!’ Kinda insult.

So formation comes out and I’m thinking Beyonce is a new brand of fake. The song is said to be about black pride and points out stereotypes. Beyonce is not a stereotypical black. The woman is practically white! Blonde, light-skinned, well mannered, etc. The closest Beyonce came to being ratchet was Bootylicious and even then they were poking fun at stereotypical black mannerisms.

She’s a good business woman with an amazing creative team and a sister that is well versed with the struggle of the black girl. Honestly if Solange had released Formation I wouldn’t have a blog post to even rant about. Her whole life is pro blackness! The video is well researched and loaded with strong messages. Its also embedded with clap backs that are personal to Beyonce and most girls can’t relate. How many of us have been accused of being illuminati? I certainly haven’t. My man’s nose is decent and natural hair isn’t a big issue in my nick of the woods.

The song was a black girl anthem, but just that one black girl…Beyonce!

All that song was for me was the exploitation of black emotions during Black History Month kinda like what Mariah Carey does during Christmas time. It also came across as a glorified clapback track where she defended her daughter and her husband. And this isn’t the first time she has done this. Remember “Of course sh*t go down when there’s a billion dollars on the elevator.” Nothing new here.

So, now that we have disqualified Beyonce as a saviour for the black girls. The question now is, “who will be our voice? Who will stand up for us?” Well the answer is pretty simple…

You! Yes you! Be your own hero. So ladies let’s get information cause the best revenge is your paper (money and a degree.)