Money answereth all things even when it comes to blogging. This year I had all these big ideas that I wanted to execute as a creative. I have been procrastinating for a long time because I just kept waiting and hoping things would fall into place and I’d have everything that I need. The mantra that has changed my life this year has been, “Start with what you have.” Waiting for everything to be available is a waste of time. Wasting the best years of our lives.

Here’s a couple ways money can change my blogging career.

The Domain I Want
My blog is currently transitioning to a new domain after postponing it for like two years, I have not been ‘The Complicatxn’ in a very long time so it was the logical thing to do. My domain will now be my actual name. Well, not my government name cause that’s too long, obviously. The dream is to then one day move to a .blog domain. And it’s not even expensive. It’s like $30 a year but I have other things to do with my money quite frankly. One day is one day.
Awesome Professional Images
If one more person tells me how much I am in need of a professional photo shoot Imma straight lose my sh*t. I know that I need new images done. Not only for the website but also for the articles and interviews that I am still yet to respond to. As a publicist, I can’t stress enough how we need to have immaculate images for our social media to create a reputable brand. But the photographer that I want charges $150/hour. You can already see what the problem is. He is worth every one of those 150 dollars. But, I will need more than one hour, plus hair, make-up and wardrobe the cost becomes high as hell. I will get around to it at some point.
A Cool App For My Blog
I made a rudiment app once for my blog but it was too big for a basic app. Even as the owner I had to part with it to make room for more important apps in life. I’d love to be the first Zimbabwean blogger to have an app. Readers would be able to receive new posts directly on their phone. Everything about me and what I am doing will be on there. And who knows, maybe I could also make millions from just an app like Blac Chyna and Kim Kardashian West. When I asked a friend of mine, he said the kinda app that I had in mind would cost $800 to make. I don’t even make that at my day job. I can’t afford it right now but I am not removing it from the list. I will have it one day.
Proper Equipment to Produce Better Content
As my blog continues to grow and expand to other platforms, the need for the equipment to also progress has risen. When I do event attendance or product reviews I need to have a high picture quality camera. I now also need video editing software and tutorials. And to save money on having a make-up artist on a retainer, I need make up lessons and the full make up kit to DIY. To publicise my content, I need money to boost posts and adverts from time to time.

A New Website Template Straight Out Of My Dreams
Currently, I am hopelessly in love with my website. But there is always room for improvements. Improvements cost money. Some of the features that I want are on the premium version of the website template. And it’s going for like $70. I’d buy it. I really would. If I wasn’t addicted to changing my site annually on my birthday. So it kinda seems like a waste buying something for a lifetime that I only need for a year. I am still waiting for that one template that makes me feel like there will never be another template. Unfortunately, someone out there is probably working on a new template that will blow my socks off.

Knowing me the way I do, I know that even if I get this stuff sorted, I’ll still always want something else. I just need to be better with money. Collaborate with people that have the stuff I need. Barter services or something of that nature. But if you don’t feel the birth pains of investing in your dreams, you’ll never take it seriously. It’s like people who go to the gym because they paid the high subscription fees that they don’t wanna waste. Put in the time and money that is required and watch it come back to pay you back in sevenfold your initial investment.