Every year I have a theme for my blogging content and this year the theme is Monica Lewinsky.

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When her story broke way back then, I didn’t understand what was happening. I really didn’t care. I only read up on her when Nicki Minaj referenced her in the ‘Still I rise‘ song. I’ve always had a thing for bad girls and her story intrigued me.

The first thing I applaud her for which I plan to emulate is her patience. She kept a dress with seed on it for years. I haven’t the discipline or the amount of clothes to pull that off. I would’ve been tempted to wash that dress and wear it again. Beyonce references it in ‘Partition‘ when she says, “He bucked all my buttons, he ripped my blouse. He Monica Lewinsky’d all on my gown.” Do you know how many songs mention Monica Lewinsky?

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Monica Lewinsky had a plan – a back up plan just in case things didn’t go her way. In this New Dispensation, you need this skill. Monica Lewinsky knew during good times that the bad times might come and she was well prepared for them. I can imagine her standing by her closet, holding that blue dress in a plastic bag and whispering to it that one day is one day.


Monica Lewinsky didn’t let the cat out of the bag until the opportune time. I can imagine if it was me, I would have told that guy or my friends that I have the blue dress and jeopardized the ace up my sleeve. If Bill had known it was there, he would have stolen it. I know I would have. 2020, I won’t share all my cards until it’s closing time. Pick 5, no mercy, no lucky card, no pick and play…close. We are writing up contracts, we are sending invoices, we are keeping receipts and covering our own backs.

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The one thing I wish she had done better was to take control of her own narrative. She was not the first paramour and she still isn’t the last. Instead of riding the wave, she sat on the shore while the water smashed against her and tore away at her. To be fair, it was a different life then. If that scandal had happened today, we’d be making deposits into her bank account by the truckload.