Blogging is something I see myself doing for the rest of my life. It’s inevitable that it will change and evolve with time and learning is the only thing that will take me to the top and keep me there. Listed below are a couple of free courses that I have undertaken. These  have helped me to perfect my craft and to level up to international standards.

  • Google Digital Skills

This course is absolutely free and is offered by Google. This will help bloggers learn how to master Google tools such as Analytics, AdSense and Search Consoles. This course has taught me plenty about stuff such as SEO, paid ads and creating sound digital platforms. This course has videos and a quiz after each lesson. You earn a badge after every module and there are 26 in total. It has also assisted me in my role as a digital marketer because we didn’t cover this in varsity. You can learn through videos or just read the transcript. You can learn at your own pace.

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  • Facebook for Journalists

Just because you have a Facebook account, it doesn’t mean you’ve mastered it. Zuckerberg won’t quit. He continues to change his algorithms and move things around. This course walked me through everything there is to know about Facebook and how I can utilise it to push the blog and my brand. From Facebook Live best practices to Photos 360. Poynter in conjunction with Facebook really put together a comprehensive and concise course with 4 modules (approximately 15 minutes) and a quiz of 45 questions. As an added bonus, you can sign up for free journalism courses on Poynter as well.

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  • Mobile Journalism for Journalists (MoJo)

I’m subscribed to IJNet on Facebook and Twitter which flights opportunities for journalists worldwide. This course taught me how to create amazing video content. It blew my mind how much I learnt about mobile filmmaking and fact checking. They also provided apps that we need to create content from videos to podcasts straight from your mobile phone. The course had a supportive Facebook group and video lessons. Look out for the techniques that I learnt in action on my upcoming YouTube videos.

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Don’t be shook by the term ‘journalists,’ these courses are for everybody. If you love doing something, you should invest time and money to make sure it grows and that you can grow with it. Social media isn’t going away and you can get a handle on the basics and for free. Question is, will you make the time?

I’d love to learn more about digital literacy, personal branding, content creation and advertising. So if you bump into anything of that kind, please let me know and I’ll get right on it.

Happy learning!