Mother’s’ Day is coming up and not everybody will be celebrating.

Other people don’t love their mothers.

This is scandalous borderline blasphemous but it happens and we need to discuss these matters that we’d rather refrain from.

There are people that were deprived of a mother’s love growing up. Life happens and we get thrown curveballs and its unfair to judge people that have closed off their hearts to their birth givers. There are a million and one reasons why things don’t work out with the one person placed on this earth to show you what true love really is and we should acknowledge that.

I’m sorry you got a raw deal when it came to the maternal department. I’d like to assure you that you did nothing wrong. None of it is your fault.

Nothing hurts like being mad at someone that’s trying their best. We often forget that moms are human too and they’ve had their share of past trials and tribulations. They too have things that they need to work through, heal from and finally overcome. The cycle needs to stop with you. Work through all the pain that you’ve encountered so that when you become a parent, you won’t pass the pain down to your kids.

I know its hard but be grateful

Nine months is a very long time to carry a whole human being to term. Whether or not she did it willingly or begrudgingly is neither here nor there. You’re here now and you need to say Thank You for that at the very least. Being pregnant is an exhausting experience that wreaks havoc on a woman’s body.

Sometimes the fight isn’t with you, its with your dad

There’s an old wives tale that says when the father of the child, denies the child, the child comes out a spitting image of the man that denied it. Almost as a spit on the face by karma. Have you ever thought that maybe you are the epitome of your father’s sins? That everytime she looks at you, all she can see is your father’s face and all the pain that he put her through comes rushing back.

Maybe she has no love to give

Moms are the poster personas for love. But what if your mom also grew up without love? Children grow up to become what they’ve seen. And if your mom grew up in a home that had no love, then she had no example set for her as to how to give love to a child. She is doing the best that she can under the given circumstances.


We’ve seen some cruel mothers that abuse their kids in every way possible and if you’re one of them, I want to ask you to forgive. Forgive your mom for everything she put you through. Not for her but for yourself and your future children. You don’t have to carry this burden anymore, the abusive cycle ends with you. God says, “Even when your father and your mother forsake you, I will lift you up.”