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Have you noticed that most women in racy videos wear a wedding ring?

Being in a risqué music video could potentially taint the artist’s image and wearing a ring is automatically supposed to make it all better.

Still need some convincing? Let’s look at some examples.

Hailee Steinfeld – Capital Letters.

Okay, so we’ve seen her in Pitch Perfect and Bumblebee. She has a couple of hits under her belt and in this video she is seen with a love interest in what looks like a vacation in Paris. What caught my eye is that the young lass seems to have a shiny lasso on her ring finger and in real life she is unmarried. Why was this particular song problematic to her squeaky good girl image? Well, when you watch the song all the way to the end you’ll realise that it’s the soundtrack for 50 Shades of Grey: Freed. I think this needs no further explanation. Girl couldn’t turn down a cheque but hey its all okay if she looks married for a soft porn soundtrack.

Selena Gomez – Hands to Myself

She’s been straddling the thin line between naughty and nice for a while and its been working for her. For this video, she plays a stalker that break’s into her prey’s house and walks through his house, takes a bath and struts in lingerie until she gets arrested. This is the first time we see Selena Gomez so undressed, for a product placement opportunity no doubt, the guy in the video also takes little Selena on the bed and the blinding diamond ring keeps things neat and tidy. Please bear in mind that Disney kids were once pushing purity rings so the message here is you can enjoy questionable sex in the confines of marriage. Questionable because at some point she is wearing handcuffs rolling around in the bed.

Vimbai Zimuto – Hapana Kwaunoenda

Let’s bring the discussion closer to home. This video was so controversial when it came out. With people online saying things like, “It’s unZimbabwean.” It’s funny because what does unZimbabwean even mean? Anyway, she is lying in bed in red lingerie doing what women do when they are waiting for their men. I wouldn’t know. The man comes home and they start the festivities and she has a shiny ring to imply that that’s her husband. She wears a ring on that finger throughout the video because the whole thing was raunchy. Girl clearly knew her home country was too conservative for her video. Complete with moans and artistic nudity, the ring couldn’t have saved it. Babe has a banging body though, power to her.

On the other hand, really married women remove their rings for videos and performances. This is because wearing a ring sends a message to the perverts that she is taken i.e. off limits and that’s not good for business at all so the ring must go. When men look upon her lustfully they must believe that she is attainable. This is the same reason why female artists hide their baby bumps. It’s too messy for the male gaze to comprehend.