Zimbabwean Blogger Thembi Terry Zulu

I have struggled to get it together when it comes to my blog and I was ready to leave it as is when I finally got my big break.

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Firstly, I have been through my fair share of web developers or designers. The fact that I couldn’t tell the difference between the two was problem number one. I had the one guy that worked on my website and attached parasite sites to it secretly knowing full well that I was dumb when it comes to tech. I had another one that used a theme that was from the black market and couldn’t edit it to save my life. The cracked site brought about its own security issues. Then quite recently, I had another guy revamp my blog and leave it halfway and some creative that agreed to do it and never got around to it.


I was frustrated. It’s not a great feeling knowing what you want and not being able to do it yourself.

I hated the way my blog looked to the extent of not opening it sometimes. I’d just feel tired looking at it. My statistics were great and traffic was high but I was embarrassed to be driving people to a shack of a website. I knew what needed to be done and I’d been blogging about it but I couldn’t seem to find a team, yes I needed a team, to carry it through.

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On top web development, I was struggling with my hosting guy. He would just go ghost with no word and my blog would just be offline. My next web hosting guy was using the first guy that I was trying to get away from and my website still kept going down.

And you know what else?

I didn’t have images of me that I was proud of. I’ve blogged about my drama with photographers before. I understand personal branding and that professional images are an integral part of that but the universe was fighting me…constantly.

And then I switched to Nivacity

All my websites are hosted on Nivacity. I get all my domains from them as well. Ever since I started dealing with them, my site hasn’t taken a dip once. The support team is efficient and very proactive. As an added bonus, they cleaned up the mess by previous hosting guys and tightened my security. Yes, my blog is an https. Yes, I have an SSL. (Google it.)  The prices are great for both hosting and the domains. I’m not just saying that, ask Mbeke and see it for yourself.

My boyfriend photographed me

Yes, Mr W Shot It! For the work Christmas party we went to this cute little place called The Bistro on Enterprise Road in Chisipite. It was going through renovations but I loved the whole ambience of the place. So when we needed a venue for the photoshoot, I knew we had to go to The Bistro. I reached out to them on Facebook and they agreed. Mr. W got his camera, we got my make-up done and headed over there. The food was great and the people there were so helpful. If you think my pictures are delicious, wait til you try their malva pudding.

I met Inceptive Creation

So this whole revamp was done by the team at Inceptive Creation. I sent them a look and feel of what I like and they make the dream come true. They were done so quickly. I was skeptical. I assumed perfection would take longer but when I saw it, I was happy. I posted the link on my sites and feedback was awesome! I went on to www.seoptimer.com and ran an audit on my website and I have gone from Grade C to a B+. I am very pleased. If you think I am blowing sponsored hot air, you can run the audit yourself and see how well my site is built.

A huge thank you to everyone that contributed to the stunner that is my website. I am happy, it means the world to me.

I hope this blog post helps a struggling blogger to find reliable services that are the foundation of a successful blog. Now I need to consistently produce content to get more people to come and see my stunning website.

Look out for all the great content coming your way this year!