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I am Thembelihle Terry-Lynne Zulu. I was born on the 14th August 1989 in the City of Kings to the late Mr. Nkululeko and Mrs. Nomalanga Zulu. I have two brothers, Simeon and Simon. I also have four little sisters, Bongiwenkosini, Nobuhle, Fezubuhle and Zothile.

I went to Petra College in Bulawayo  and got my degree in Journalism and Media studies from the National University of Science and Technology. I am passionate about the arts, women’s issues and the environment. I am the co-founder of Girl Grandeur Zimbabwe, a personal blogger by passion and a publicist by profession. I’m also a freelance writer for publications such as ZimBuzz, Induna Magazine, Divas Inc magazine, Kalabash Media and Kwantuthu Arts magazine amongst others. I aspire to have my own PR and Advertising agency…someday.


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I’ve Been Stupid, But Never This Stupid

If you had to choose between marriage and money what would you choose? We all know what I’d choose. Money over everything unless that marriage is into money then in that case I’d choose marriage. Relationships are a delicate balancing act of compromise and sacrifices....

I Can’t Believe What I Did For Love

I finally found true love! The god of Ciara’s love life had mercy on me. https://twitter.com/D0wJ0nEs/status/1096238142489804800 I hacked the prayers guys! Everybody knows all about relationships. Everywhere you look you’ll find relationship advice and if you go on...



Love & Life

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You Need More Rejection In Your Life

When you walk past windis they will try their luck on almost every woman that walks by at the bus terminal. They will do this day in, day out without fail and they never tire. How many “No’s” do you think they get per day? I’m sure they get a “Yes” once in a while but...

Blog Talk

I’ll Be Speaking at the Creative Hack

I am under so much pressure. But we’ll get to that later. Let’s start at the beginning. The Female Visual Digital Network will be holding the first ever Creative Hack for female creatives and I have been selected to be one of the speakers at this event. What will you...



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