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I am Thembelihle Terry-Lynne Zulu. I was born on the 14th August 1989 in the City of Kings to the late Mr. Nkululeko and Mrs. Nomalanga Zulu. I have two brothers, Simeon and Simon. I also have four little sisters, Bongiwenkosini, Nobuhle, Fezubuhle and Zothile.

I went to Petra College in Bulawayo  and got my degree in Journalism and Media studies from the National University of Science and Technology. I am passionate about the arts, women’s issues and the environment and was selected for the 2019 Mandela Washington Fellowship in the Civic Leadership Track. I am the co-founder of Girl Grandeur Zimbabwe, a personal blogger by passion and a publicist by profession. I’m also a freelance writer for publications such as ZimBuzz, Induna Magazine, Divas Inc magazine, Kalabash Media and Kwantuthu Arts magazine amongst others. I aspire to have my own PR and Advertising agency…someday.


My latest posts

Why Women Can’t Stand Each Other

Imagine minding your own business just trying to get by and someone keeps roping you into a race that you didn't sign up for. You're walking in the middle of town, strolling and living the very best of your life and a sports commentator starts booming overhead and...

#YALI2019 Two Days Later…I Crashed

Yep. It was only 48 hours since I had landed in the land of the free and I crashed. https://giphy.com/gifs/drunk-tired-sleep-7IrtGOyJy3I9W We were approaching the end of the day when I started feeling like everything was loud. I couldn't gather my thoughts and the...



Love & Life

You Don’t Love Your Mom?

Mother's’ Day is coming up and not everybody will be celebrating. https://twitter.com/tashahhk/status/1077830611405062145 Other people don’t love their mothers. This is scandalous borderline blasphemous but it happens and we need to discuss these matters that we’d...

Hustle & Grind

I Got A Mentor… And I love Her!

Every story has a sensei that guides the main character through the struggle and helps them to their purpose. Even Jesus had the holy spirit. I have Thembe Khumalo. https://twitter.com/Yvette_Aloe/status/1129805938486071296 I followed Thembe Khumalo on every platform...

Blog Talk

My Blog is Back and it’s Better!

I have struggled to get it together when it comes to my blog and I was ready to leave it as is when I finally got my big break. https://giphy.com/gifs/bbc-bbcsounds1-bbcsounds-YFDrkBdfVC78LBt5Sg Firstly, I have been through my fair share of web developers or...



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