I’m gonna keep writing about how I got stolen from until I stop hurting about it.

The lyrics that keep running through my mind are from Coldplay’s Fix you, “When you lose something you can’t replace.” I always thought there was nothing more valuable than monetary til I encountered sentimental value.

Even when the store replaces my stuff with brand new exact ones, they can’t replace all the memories that were on my previous machine. Sure, I’d appreciate a new toy that actually has a charger that doesn’t have cellotape holding it together but it doesn’t fill the gaping hole inside me that I gotta start from scratch.

My work is online. So for the past few days I have been a fish outta water cause I do nothing all day and tryna work from my phone isn’t exactly the same. There’s just something about it that’s rudimentary. Everything hangs in the balance as we explore the legalities of who should compensate me but there’s something else I’m losing that I cannot replace…time.

The world doesn’t stand still just because you’re a victim of circumstance. People are expexting results from me, its just good business. Failure to deliver results in termination on contracts. Someone literally stole my source of income.

Loss in general is an inconvinience. I’m probably not gonna get over this but it will take a getting used to. Feelings were hurt. Lessons were learnt. And there’s hell to pay but til then Imma keep blogging about the pain I’m going through.