As a publicist I have encountered a wide range of personalities, talent and obstacles. During my career I have developed a list of the naughty and nice. Some have earned it and some I nullify for reasons best known to me. Ultimately, I have drawn up a list of FIVE character traits I simply CANNOT work with! I will not lose my sanity over a couple dollars. Absolutely NOT!

  1. Kim Kardashian

I watched KUWTK when Kim K was doing the Fergie MILF Money video and right there in the dressing room there was Kanye West hovering like a cash-strapped ghost telling the haor dresser and make-up artist what to do. I have worked with women that have spouses before and man oh man can they be annoying. Why? You ask. Well, that’s because they cannot breathe without hubby giving the final say on EVERYTHING you do. So, you spend hours doing research, finalizing a concept and ironing out the logistics only for the husband to say “NO, my wife will not be able to that.” The thing that irks me is that he isn’t even paying for my services and yet here he is volunteering his $0.02.

  1. Albert Einstein

Working with the ‘Know-It-All” is as fun as getting roasted in a family group. They think they have it all figured out and you just wonder then why did you hire me since I’m here to just agree with everything you say. Nothing you do for these people is ever good enough. If you’re working with me you need to remember why you hired me. You’d think I’d just take the money and do what they want but nope. I’m not stupid, lemme explain. My name is on the line. When I say you are my client what I mean is I endorse you. If you look bad, I look bad. I’m not with it. If we are going to be running with your ideas (good or bad) I cannot slap my name on them. It’s not in me to claim credit where I have not earned. I’m a Christian girl, can’t reap where I haven’t sown.

  1. Gary Sinise

Had this one client that wouldn’t take my word for it on anything. Every decision I made she had to verify and go all CSI on me. The straw that broke the camel’s back is when she commissioned a South African PR company to do an assessment of all her social media and guess what? They told her all the things that I had been telling her from the get. I can’t work with this type of client because second guessing me is an act of war against my pride. My survival instincts kick in and the rest is HIROSHIMA.

  1. Olivila Nope

And then there’s the lazy client. You do everything for them and the little that they have to do for themselves because you can’t shape shift into them they can’t do. How can I possibly make this any simpler for you? In the words of Destiny’s Child, “I put it right there made it easy for you to get to.” Wardrobe, make-up, catering, transport and the stage is all set, all you gotta do is arrive and deliver and you can’t even do just that. Why are we here? There’s a certain level of hunger I require from my clients. Want this more than I do! That’s all I ask of you.

  1. Chris Brown

Anybody on the internet has seen the PR catastrophe that is Chris Brown. Haw many publicists has he burnt through? These types of people are the Career Kamikaze. They are constantly actively seeking out ways to commit career suicide and dragging your career down with them. They have a high propensity towards idiocy. You can’t help but worry when you are away from them because they cannot be trusted. They are creative in self destruction. You could place them in a padded room and they would still harm themselves.  I’m always up for a challenge but I am not a suicide bomber. I cannot work with Chris Brown. Don’t be Chris Brown.


Conclusively, it is easier for a broke person to engage my services than it is for the above mentioned. I love what I do and sometimes when I believe in a person I offer my services for free. I consider it as an investment. Now that I have made my preferences clear please come correct when you approach me.


Thanks in advance.