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Met her over a decade ago and we’d walk to and from school together almost everyday. Bunked sports to just chill nje.

She’s the one person that has raised me and watched me grow. There isn’t a person in the world that knows me better than you. If I caught amnesia today I don’t doubt you could fill in as me. You loved me then and still loving me now. There is very little I wouldn’t do for you. You have always come through for the team. Can’t recall a time I looked beside me and you weren’t there.

You have taught me so much about everything. You have been too right for things I wished you’d be wrong about. I love how you come across as rude but I see now that’s a trait I have always needed to avoid all these unnecessary people. I love Skyping witcha while I write and you doing your hair. I love to stand beside you amidst everybody that wishes they were you. I hate that your body is flawless. I really do. I hate that everything just fits nje.

You are talented, ambitious and wise. You have answers about everything. You always know what I want before I even know what I want. I thank God for choosing you to be the person that decodes this craziness. When everybody else wrote me off you totally understood it and stuck with it. Life has taught me that you didn’t have to but you chose to. I can’t make a decision without hearing you speak in my head.

I feel so little sometimes. Inadequate and undeserving. Can’t imagine I’ll be half the woman that you are. Cake, you are remarkable! And that night we went to Pokello I realised that you also have ninja in your blood. LOL. Couldn’t figure out what you get the girl that has EVERYTHING. You are the measuring cup. You been the most amazing mum to me and Nene.

Nayo Nayo Nayo you are the mother that we can’t resist.

Happy Birthday Sifiso Mabhena!