My people have a problem. Somebody goes out and tries something new and my people are up in arms against one of their own. QTM was a great youth initiative by my peers. They had an idea, waited for money, the money didn’t come through and they did the best that they could with the little that they had. This one girl on Twitter was like, “QTM is the biggest prank ever played on Bulawayo people,” no sweetie the joke’s on you because you don’t recognise talent when you see it. These boys went out and did what they love while you were sitting at a job you hate.

I also took into account the ‘constructive criticism’ from the arts and cultural veterans, who should know better than anyone else the struggle of trying to source funding for such initiatives. And amidst all this advice, I’m not hearing anyone saying, “You know what, here’s a couple thousand go and make a movie of higher quality.” Put your money where your mouth is and if you ain’t got none, STFU!

This one guy was like, “Why make a movie when you ain’t got the money?” Why do men make girls pregnant when they don’t have the money to provide for that child? For the thrill of it duh! The artists needed to know that they could do it. To actually give birth to their dream. Many dreams are dying in Zimbabwe because you are all pulling a Charles Mungoshi waiting for the rain.

So the venue sucked. You act like there were plenty options to choose from. What was your contribution to this problem? When was the last time you went to the movies? Where do you think Rainbow will get the money to refurbish their joint? Your cheap nature ripped dvds off the internet and watched them on the laptop. You should thank QTM that you finally saw the big screen.

I don’t blame Rainbow for overselling tickets. They haven’t pulled that large a crowd since The Byo Show. All the money they raised was to make up for all the years they’ve been running at a loss. It was a strategic business move. They have tried everything including being a church venue to make some money. They saw an opportunity and they went for it. Kudos to them! Complain all you want but they are laughing all the way to the bank.

Bottomline is, you need to support your own. Nollywood started off like crap but the national GDP is practically living off of it. And over the years they have improved because funding was made available. Don’t come out here on your pedestal talking about how this movie should have made a dollar out of fifteen cents. Use your common sense!

And if you want to know how relevant your shade is, look up the hashtag you’ll realise that most of your comments don’t show up. Turns out Twitter can filter crap. Shoutout to my big spenders that understand that you get what you pay for and that for $5 your expectations weren’t that high.

Anyway, work has already begun on their next project, ‘Jane the Ghost’ coming soon to a cinema near you!