Due diligence is an investigation of a business or person prior to
signing a contract, or an act with a certain standard of care. It
can be a legal obligation, but the term will more commonly apply to
voluntary investigation

“Crazy” is the adjective used to describe me the most and it’s never bothered me cause to me crazy just meant I’m original. It was up until my ex’s wife, a woman that has never met me, called me crazy that I finally flipped my wig. I paid it no mind until I realized its a growing societal issue whereby the ex is viciously attacked by the current squeeze based on the man’s word. I asked my mancandy about his ex and his response was, “uyadaka lowana (she is annoying directly translated as ‘she is drunkening.’)” In my mind ‘Drunk in love’ started playing and I wondered if he is really sober from their relationship.

Its very rare for a person to give a good review about their former lover and nobody will ever be truly honest about their role in the degradation of the love affair. Here’s my point, I had every right to be crazy. The guy put me through the ringer and my sanity was compromised. I was overwrought with anger and he had worked my nerves raw. Calling me crazy was his coping mechanism to justify his callous behaviour towards me. If a man beats you senseless and your brains are scrambled would you be rational?

Relationships should be run like the business sector. Run due diligence on your suitor. Find out what merging with him means. His assets, liabilities and throw in psychometric tests if you have them. Ask for referees and testimonials in the form of his exes. Make sure all other ties were severed and that there is no double dipping. Obviously there’s some bitterness at play but look for recurring themes. Never comment on a relationship that you were not part of unless you’re trained at Zinatha. Don’t call me crazy, worry about what he did that made me lose my mind. He’s still the same man so unfortunately you’re gonna find out.