You want to propose but you aren’t sure how to do it? Well, if I was a man I’d be antsy as well because that gender has innate commitment issues. Here are some things to consider and all the best to you and yours.

Go full on and make-a-scene

If your girlfriend is a showoff for whatever reason, then by all means, make it a public spectacle. If she is a content creator, this is an indication on which route to take. If she values marriage as an achievement (which it totally can be) you might want to go the show stopper route. If she has haters, especially Aunties and fellow church-goers who thought she would never marry, she might want this option. It’s petty but who cares?

Go private and intimate

What if she says no player? I don’t mean to scare you, I’m just asking. It has happened before for reasons beyond me. A woman can turn down a marriage proposal. To be safe, create a private setting and pop the question. Hire out the whole restaurant, make dinner at home, or a private picnic by the lake (not Chivero.) This is an intimate space for both of you to be vulnerable without the pressure of feeling like you have to have an Instagram worthy proposal or reaction.

Things to consider before you propose
1. Are you sure?
2. Are her nails done? If she likes manicures ensure that her nails are neat before you propose.
3. Do you know where she stands on the order of things in terms of lobola, getting her father’s blessing, etc
4. How are you gonna get her ring size? The wrong ring size is awkward. Fixable but awkward.
5. But the actual ring. Only in Days of our Lives can they accept makeshift rings made of tin foil.
6. Can you afford the follow through or will you be engaged for years senselessly?

Do you think your man wants to propose?
1. Are you sure? I once chewed off my old manicure in anticipation for it and it didn’t happen. Ended up with sore nails and a sore heart.
2. Saw him searching for rings online? This means nothing, they do it on purpose for your snooping ass.
3. You saw the actual ring. But is it yours? This is the male gender we’re speaking about.
4. Is this what you want? If not, it’s a great time to raise your reservations so that you don’t have to turn him down on his bended knee.
5. Ensure that all your closest people know the right things with regards to your ideal proposal. That’s probably where he will go first. This means you need to know what you want without any doubt.

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Wrong reasons to propose
1. You are being pressured like an underperforming Government I know.
2. The relationship is shaky, you’re desperate and you need a grand gesture.
3. You’re on the rebound.
4. You wanna stick it to the haters.
5. She is saving herself for marriage and you want the box.
6. She has citizenship in any other country that isn’t Zimbabwe.
7. Everyone else is doing it. Especially those borderline cult churches who push kids to marry young.

Don’t interrupt her grinding!

If she is in the middle of something and you disrupt her just so you can ask her to be your wife she might be pissed pissed. Personally, I am a beast when I am working and I don’t like being interrupted. I’m not ready for all that unnecessary attention in the workplace. You would have disrupted the whole work flow and made her the clown in front of her colleagues. She might not even like those people and now her business is in the streets.

Know your girlfriend
What does she like? What kind of person is she? This will give you a clue on how to approach the marriage proposal. If your girl eats like a barbarian, you might need to reconsider hiding the ring in her food. Also, if she is a germaphobe, this won’t go down well. Ultimately, this is a huge step in your lives, make it as memorable as possible to what’s unique to both of you.