The Complete 5-Piece Zulugirl Set

Can you believe it? I’m a whole wife! Of course you can. I’ve been enamored with Mr W but it’s still so surreal to me. I see my ring sometimes and it’s like but yeah I married this man. Getting married has unlocked a new range of content and I’m excited to figure out how I’m going to package it. That would be something.

My lobola negotiations were settled on the 21st of December and on the 22nd we had a roora luncheon of 50 of our closest friends and family. I just want to say THANK YOU to the family, friends and service providers who made the day as magical as it was. Special mention goes to my Maid of Honour Lorraine and the amazing Kudzi Pam because my day would have been just scenes if it hadn’t been for your sleepless nights.

Lorraine picked up my dress from C & C Clothing Brand on Monday. I only did one fitting to ensure that everything was as it should be and it was. The dress was my biggest fear because it has to be perfect. I was texting Chantal from Harare panicking that the first time I was to see the dress was 4 days before the actual luncheon. I was so afraid that I would become one of those tailor horror stories I always laugh at online. We arrived from Harare and went straight to the dress fitting. IT WAS PERFECT! They got it right on the first try. I nearly cried when I first saw myself in it.

I picked a venue that was next door to my house, Lavinia Gardens. And the décor guy, Mthulisi Moyo is also my long standing neighbour on the other side of my house. Mthulisi and his Wood Affair Events team started setting up the night prior to the luncheon. By the time my face had been done, they were done setting up the picturesque décor. Shumbanation Entertainment Sounds and Events was on time with the sound and photography but there was one thing I didn’t have – the cake.

I called Cake Fairy Zim to check on my cake. I was not calm at all. I was sweating out my makeup. They assured me that the cake was on the way and that they needed to be careful because it’s delicate and there are potholes. Plausible. The cake did arrive on time and they delivered it for free as well. I love my relatives but I wasn’t trusting anyone to transport my cake.

We had a professional speech coach as our MC. His name is Ntando Khumalo. Not only does he look great, he is also a gifted orator. When we were discussing who would be our MC it was a nobrainer. Ntando is a close friend to us both and he is multilingual. Name any language, he can probably speak it. He wanted to do the luncheon in French but the groom would have heard nothing. Très drôle.

The bridal party made their entrance to Msiz’kay‘s ‘Inkomo Zamalobolo‘ and I made my grand entrance to being hailed by an imbongi. I had never heard her piece before but it was beautiful. I blushed until my cheeks hurt. My cake was a clay pot with edible Benjies on it. The clay pot was a carrot cake and the base was chocolate. If you’ve ever had cake by Cake Fairy Zim you’ll understand how divine it was.

Our first dance was to Msiz’kay’s ‘Ngiyaz’thandela.’ You need to hear this song to understand why I chose it. We literally two-stepped to it in a circle until I got dizzy. LOL. I knew how talented Msiz’kay was but I had never heard him live. He did not disappoint. His backing vocalists were equally talented and dressed in my theme colours. I thought that was a nice touch. Definitely professional.

We cut the cake to Msiz’kay’s ‘Ngawuzw’umoya wami.’ I had to slot it in somewhere due to sentimental reasons. Also, my mom is Nomalanga so it had to happen. Funny story is that when he pulled up to the house, my mom was wailing at him through the window to never stop singing about uNomalanga. Ngithwele nzima!

This was my perfect wedding and I am grateful for all my service providers below. So much could have gone wrong but it didn’t and for that I am eternally grateful.

Venue: Lavinia Gardens

Decor: Wood Affair Events

MC: Ntando Khumalo

Live Performance: Msiz’kay

Entertainment and Photography: Shumbanation 

Dress: C & C Clothing Brand

Cake: Cake Fairy Zim 

Rings: Richard Collection