I listened to that audio by ZimLive in shock and horror and I asked myself but why? The lady on the other end of the phone was stunning. I could see why he made that call and made his request. If I wasn’t married I’d call her too. I say that like people care about their marital status. Nothing can stop the reggae.

One of my close friends once sent me a book called ‘Ho Tactics.’ The title is salacious I assure you. It really makes you look. The book goes on and on about how to make men like you/spend on you and the logical reasoning behind it. All I could chalk it up to is that men do not like responsibility. All the book said is, be young, wild and free and don’t remind him of the responsibilities back home.

I remember when that video vixen book came out and the author was on a talk show to discuss it. The one thing she said that boggled my mind, was how men such as Usher and JayZ would buy her anything she wanted such as shoes, purses and private jet trips all around the world. She then got pregnant and would hit them up for money for her son and it would never come. If she called about money for something else it would come. She stopped being fun when she had responsibilities. But also, where was the baby daddy?

Another interesting thing to note is how the ‘Ho Tactics’ book says women should play a ‘damsel in distress.’ Apparently men like to save-a-ho. They like to play the hero. Borderline God concept. The book says give off the impression that you’re his daughter or little sister. He will then do whatever it takes to alleviate your suffering. How about the wife’s suffering back home? I don’t get it.

This is why they will find girls in university who are struggling financially or high school girls who have cheaper problems and cheaper thrills. Whatever he does, he will be given the king treatment like an old Ludacris song, “the royal penis is clean your highness.” He gets pleasurable rewards for doing the absolute minimum. 

Young girls have a back that can still do things. They are outchea at Vuzu Parties, Chinamwali lessons and watching tutorial documentaries on websites like p_rnhub. The wife doesn’t have time for that between a day job, cleaning up after you, homeschooling and having to chase you down to manage the financials of the home. Where will she get the time to be young and free when you are not at home to help her around the house? Men want to have a cake and eat it too.

Remember the blog post I wrote about a guy who was a loser, who then married a beautiful girl and he ran her down like the ruling party in an African country? Yep, that’s what men will do to you and then frolic with a younger version. Men ruin everything but nobody listens to me.

Men are visual creatures. They like to see pretty things. That’s why they tell brides not to let themselves go. He can grow a wider girth, go bald, sprout hair everywhere, and have breasts but no no women aren’t allowed to dilapidate. You must be forever young to ensure that his eye doesn’t wander. How about we just blind them? I’m kidding. Am I? Lemme read up on Delilah again.

As old and ruined a man is, he will still pursue a young gazelle. Almost like bagging her is the fountain of a youth potion. She makes him feel young again. It’s all good until he has to take a little blue pill and lie there and take it because you know the pill doesn’t renew your strength. It just gives you Thor’s hammer but not the strength to lift it. Anyways, it will end in a stroke or a heart attack.

A friend of mine, who is a retired sugarbaby, once said to me, “You’re way to smart.” I was blushing but also very curious as to what she meant. She went on to explain that the sugar daddy game isn’t for women who challenge men or know too much about much. They like their girls with a certain naïveté, ditziness and an almost Blonde-like-stereotype demeanor. He must feel like he knows everything and as the sugarbaby you just lap it up like it’s propaganda in the 1960s. Could never be me.

Wrapping up, I just want to say that you can’t please the sons of God. Trying to, will only frustrate you which will catalyze your aging and end in a younger woman in your marriage anyway. Don’t live for men because they only live for themselves. Do you Sis! Be pretty for you. Indulge in self care for you. Live your best life. It’s your job to keep that smile on your face.

Bonus tip: Broke men will age you 75% faster.

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