“When you die, how many people will feel the loss?”

Not how many people will miss seeing you in the office or at home but how many people will feel like they can’t go on once you have passed on?

I want my legacy to be that I brought value to people’s lives. Things people can touch. Things that will live on after I have gone. Things that will continue to help them even if I am no longer here. All my dreams and aspirations can’t die with me. My vision must be carried on by someone else. I need to mentor and groom people who can take over from me. To inspire other women is my life’s goal. To set an example to young girls that they need to stay true to themselves is the reason why I do what I do everyday. You can’t die if you live on in the hearts and minds of the living. Living in someone’s memory is great but I want to live through their ideas and innovations. I want to live vicariously through all the things that I inspired them to do.

I don’t know how I will finish writing this post without sounding like Beyonce’s I was here. This song perfectly describes my life goals. The legacy that I want to leave behind. I’d also like to leave things that aren’t just of sentimental value. I want future generations to have businesses, properties and investments from me. I don’t plan on being an ancestor so I’d rather just provide for them now and rest when my time comes. I honestly believe that it is a grave error to live a whole lifetime and have nothing to leave for the future generations except funeral bills, debts, secrets and lies.

A legacy of this magnitude takes a remarkable lifetime to build. A certain level of hunger that cuts across generations. Working insanely hard so that the generations after you won’t have to. It means perfecting the juggling act between being a great parent and a good boss. Sometimes people will give their kids everything monetarily but lack emotionally and vice versa. Finding the balance isn’t easy but it’s a challenge I am ready to take on. I don’t want to spend my life building something for my kids that they will squander the moment I am gone. You need to build something for them and also teach them how to nurture and look after it for the sake of their children. Teach them the value of hard work.

Ultimately, I want to be remembered for my beautiful mind.