In a perfect world, life after healing would be a brand new life altogether but that won’t happen so we play the hand that we’ve been dealt.

During the #SheHeals journey, I have discovered things about me that I didn’t know. I have rediscovered myself and I am sure of what I want and what I don’t want. I have learnt to be honest with myself and people around me. So life after healing will have more efficient communication with the people around me. No more dying on the inside and being unable to say no. I need to stay true to me. This means there will be less violence and violent outbursts. Cause I cannot handle the regret that comes after.

Life after healing will see me working harder than I did before. As a creative, you need your mental health operating at optimum efficiency at all times. You can’t afford any down time. So when I lug around all this mental baggage, it disrupts my ability to think and create. Sometimes, my brain will work itself into a frenzy and my whole body gets thrown outta sync and can’t function. Life after healing will result in less emotional faults and less paranoia which will free up more mental resources for work.

I’d like to see a more confident me. A daring, bold me that isn’t afraid of too many things. I’d be able to take better photographs without looking awkward and uncomfortable. I’d go out more and meet new people. I would be less socially awkward and people would be able to see the me I want them to see. I wouldn’t be so withdrawn. I’d be more approachable and maybe finally have a squad. A dope ass viciously creative squad. This is at the top of my wish list. People as hungry as I am that could teach me the things that I don’t already know.

Life after healing includes me appreciating myself as complete just the way I am. I’d accept that for the time and place that I’m in right now, I am enough the way I am. I am in grade 1 and that’s okay for now, the day will come when I will be in varsity but there are many other steps that I need to go through that will prepare me for when that stage in my life comes. I need to ease up on being too hard on myself.