Everybody comes into your life for a reason and a season. When the reason has been fulfilled or the season has passed, its time to let them go. If you continue to hold on too tightly to them, God will rip you out of that situation you will regret not having left in the first place. His will always prevails. There are people who left my life and everything started going right. Everyone you come into contact with either adds value to you or subtracts from you. You need a balance between the two.

I love the company that I have around me currently. They are valuable to me for different reasons and they understand the chaos that is my life. I am not faking or forcing any relationships. I feel free. Since December, last year, I have been working on my relationships. Mending the ones I can’t live without and severing those I can make do without.  The mending was a painful and truthful process where I couldn’t suppress or pretend that things weren’t hurting me. I learnt to communicate as opposed to the usual passive aggression. I did not enjoy this at all but I am glad I went through it.

My contract is coming to an end. I can’t even be sad because I want to relocate back to Harare. When I get there I’ll probably want to move back home. That’s just how the system works. I don’t want to be anywhere for too long. The projects that I work on are finally showing signs of life. I truly believe that if I put in the work for the next two months, these projects will be making money by year end.

I have learnt to look after myself by eating right and exercising. I love the results that I am starting to see. My waist is finally shrinking after years of struggling with it. The fitness is a great way to unwind and cope with stress. I always feel good after every session. I get less fatigue now which means I can accomplish much more. I cut out sugar and meat. I thought for sure I’d die but after the withdrawal symptoms I got over it. It lowkey taught me self-control as well. Something I really needed.

I am seeing the most amazing man. He is the full package if ever I’ve seen one. He is everything I have ever wanted in a life partner. He has been through the thick of my mood swings and still stays. He’s seen the worst of it and he takes it all in his stride. He looks after all of me with nothing lacking. Not sure what I did to get this lucky but I am in a stable non-toxic relationship for the first time in a really long time.

It’s all going right, it really is. I am living the life that I prayed for and I am very grateful.