Zimbabwean Blogger Thembi Terry 28th Birthday

I don’t know of it’s the spirit of poverty operating in my life but I have never really known what I want for my birthday. It’s hard for people to get me gifts because how could you possibly know what I want when I myself haven’t the foggiest. I am so accustomed to getting nothing that if I get a gift I’d be so confused. Ever been so disappointed that you are even afraid to dream? That is me about gifts on my birthday.

Never had my birthday celebrated before. My dad would do the most on my birthdays and that meant the world to me. Not once have I ever had a birthday party and perchance I haven’t led a life worth celebrating but he’d go all out to make sure I felt appreciated. And now I am secretly terrified that if I threw a party nobody would come. My life is sorta kinda empty. Haven’t a clue what my party would even look like. It’s that far off that even my imagination can’t reach.

I wouldn’t say no to a gift. Far be it from me but the gift must be thoughtful. Something that says I been listening to you Thembi Terry and I knew you’d like this. The best gifts aren’t the most expensive. They are probably not the kind that you would floss on Instagram. The best gift for me would be one that is an inside joke or a shared deep secret.

The perfect gift doesn’t exist to me but I am open to persuasion. I’d have to see it to believe it. Maybe, just maybe I do not have an ideal gift because my sentimental self already has everything she needs. Amazing sisters, a great career, the T’s 10 and an exciting love life. What else could a girl need? A girl would be greedy.

The one gift that I will never accept is sex. Sex is not a gift. I cannot say this enough. I always disliked that Jeremih Birthday sex song. So if you have been bathing and manscaping thinking this is what I want, you are too far gone down the bottomless hole of idiocy. How about getting me a gift I actually want yeah?

All throughout the year, I been looking after me, loving me, protecting me and providing for me. I am the reason I am standing and that’s the best gift I have ever given me. No gift could ever beat what I have been giving myself. I been loving me. I stay growing me, raising me, building me and advancing me. I am the best gift that I could ever get myself. I keep choosing me. Putting myself on.

So happy 28th birthday to me cause I am the baddest at riding for me.

What do you want for your birthday?