Thembi Terry Zulu Zimbabwean Blogger

When I started blogging, it didn’t seem like something that I would have stuck to this far. It’s been a constant learning process and I still learn everyday. I knew enough to pass the New Media course at university but to monitise the blog and to be a thought leader in the industry needed more than a course that’s three hours a week for three months. So, I started reading e-books about blogging.

You’d be shocked as to how many free e-books are available on the world wide web about blogging. Most of them are written overseas and some of the stuff doesn’t apply yet in Zimbabwe but the fundamentals are pretty much the same. I have read everything from customising my blog, widgets that are a must-have, catchy headlines and how to make money from blogging. I have never regretted reading a blogging e-book. Each of them taught me something new about blogging.

I love e-books because most of them are free. Well, you pay via subscription which you can revoke later should the emails be overwhelming. The books are usually short and filled with illustrations and infographics which are informative and easier to remember. I can read them on my phone and be done in under 30 minutes.

Here are three of the blogging e-books that I found helpful when I started blogging.

  1. The Ultimate Guide to Building a Profitable Blog in 30 days – Promise Excel

This e-book was very relatable and easy to read. It was short yet very informative. I have kept it for close to a year and I refer back to it a lot when I am going about my blogging business. Yes, its taken longer than the promised 30 days to build a profitable blog but its getting there. This book is recommended for newbie bloggers that want to get it together quicker than most people. It’s the real cliff notes of blogging.

Available Here

  1. Headline Hacks – Jon Morrow

This book and the next one are almost similar but I listed them both because this one goes on to explain why the headlines that are suggested work. I have also gone on to use these headline hacks in my everyday job as a copywriter. Now I can come up with headlines that work based on this book.

Available Here

  1. 220 Catchy Headline Templates – Raelyn Tan

This e-book taught me how to construct more popular blog titles/headlines that draw in readers. I love this e-book because while I was reading the headline templates, I’d get new blog post ideas. So what I do now is to jot down in my notebook a possible blog idea and then sit down when I have 10 ideas and go through the headline e-book and come up with the final title. The author of this book also has a Facebook group where she shares more of her e-books and webinars.

Available Here

There is stuff everywhere on the internet about blogging and to master it one must read as much as they can in order to get it right. The amount of information available online is overwhelming and you can end up flooded with nonsense but the quest for knowledge must soldier on.

What e-books do you live by regardless of industry?