I dislike being referred to as a work in progress but it is what it is. I am on the verge of turning 30 and I need to have figured things out by then. I need to get it together for my future including my relationships, career and an eventual settle-down. I won’t be any a good a mother or a boss with all these pending hang-ups that could quite frankly be addressed right now. The trial phase of my life is about to expire.

  • Believing in my abilities

There’s absurd talents that people applaud in me. I don’t see these talents but I am celebrated for having them. I need to work on cutting myself some slack and start getting things done. My worst fear is waking up one day and kicking myself for not starting sooner. Believing in my abilities will boost the number of opportunities that I venture into. It will also help me to work faster because the second guessing and self doubt is what consumes most of my time. I need to respect the talent that will bring me to the presence of kings.

  • Changing my perception of myself

This means there will be less pity parties being held. It means I need to let go of my ideology that I am everything that’s wrong with the world. They say people see you the way you see you and this isn’t the me that I want them to see. As a man thinketh, so shall he be. That’s not the life that I want. Of constantly feeling cursed. When bad things happen, evaluate the situation, take your share of the blame and adjust accordingly to make sure that they never happen again. Learn from your mistakes and let them strengthen you for the future. Things will go wrong, it’s the game of life that we are playing here but don’t let them haunt you for longer than need be.

  • Seeing things through

When you start something finish it. When things don’t go well, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Find a way to go around that obstacle. Do whatever it takes to get the job done. You may not stick to the plan but you will have to stick to your guns. A congregant at a church I used to go to accused me of having a wandering spirit. She claimed that to be the reason why I cannot commit to anything for more than three months, not a job, not a love interest, nothing. I have planted plenty seeds that have immense potential. I need to work on them long enough for them to start flourishing. If I can nail this, I will be unstoppable.

What are some of the things that you need to work through?