If I was a Disney princess my fairytale would be a story of how my whole life was a failure that was turned into a blessing. During my trials and tribulations, I prayed heaven down. It was then that I learnt most of the scriptures that I know now. He really has given me beauty for my ashes. Everything bad that happened to me has been used for my blessing. I have come to know and understand that God knows exactly what he is doing and that whatever happens, he’s only looking out for you.

Man do I hate blessings in disguise.

We’ve all experienced them. They don’t feel too good. Sometimes you even doubt if you are ever going to make it out alive. Only when you are now on the other side can you look back and appreciate the drama that you went through. Only in retrospect can you look at your struggle and admire the strength that you didn’t know you had inside of you. I’m sure there are still many blessings in disguise in store for me and I pray I have the same beliefs when I endure them. All wise words and scriptures tend to disappear when you are in the eye of the storm.

Isn’t there an app that can build a character?

Besides the Sims video game, we need to able to update humans like apps. If you are in need of strength or more character, you should be able to go into the Playstore and download you some. Until then, you have to rely on your obstacles to build your character and be stronger as a person. Everything I endured made me stronger emotionally and mentally. Lessons are like chicken pox, you shouldn’t get the same thing twice. Once should be enough for you to build resilience. If you find yourself going through the same thing twice, there’s something you didn’t pick up correctly the first time. Don’t get distracted by pain. Stay objective. Run the postmortem on the situation, get closure, find answers, retrieve the lesson and then let go. On to the next one.

You can’t always have what you want

Ok, there’s your plan right? Then there’s God’s plan. My control issues were exorcised viciously! I had my plans which were developed from the societal norms blueprint and there were God’s plans that wanted to demonstrate the hand of God in my life. And did they. Whenever God denied me anything, I’d throw all my toys out of the cot. I’d slip into mild depression and start thinking that I am unworthy to be loved or that I didn’t deserve any good thing. Yeah, my mind likes to get creative when we are sad. Most of the things that I wanted would have turned out badly today. Most of them I have had the pleasure of coming to understand why I was denied them and I am very grateful. I have learnt to live life with faith and less expectations.

What I’ve come to learn is life is all about perception. Put on the right shade of your rose-coloured glasses and you can either see the red of bloodshed or the beauty of a rose-red. Failures will come, its how you depict them that matters.