I have had my fair share of closed doors in my face. Ate so much wood you’d think I was a termite. Knocked on so many doors you’d mistake me for a wood chipper. And at that point yes it hurt but looking back in retrospect, it was for my own good. All things do work together for good to them that love God. Some of the things that really hurt me have become a blessing. Where’s Sifiso, she likes to say that she would like blessings that aren’t in disguise. I get it now. Had my heart broken more times than JLo has been married and looking at it now I’m glad it happened. We serve an amazing, all knowing God that sees past the short term. What feels good right now, may not feel as good 5 years from now.

Take my best friends from over the years as an example, if we were to put them in a room and they discuss the Thembie that they knew, they would all have different versions. Not because I’m fake or whatever but because as I grew I kept changing and for the better. And sometimes holding onto certain people will keep you from going to your next level. When the grade 7 teacher is finished with you, the Form 1 teacher must take over. Life is like that. When people leave or say NO don’t even worry about it, it all works out in the end but you gotta let go. People will always give you warnings that they don’t wanna be around you anymore. Don’t force things, take heed of these warnings. It’s like a husband that tells his wife that he wants a divorce and she refuses and he brings home wife #2. But he told you nhai.

When people show you their true colours the first time just believe them. When I didn’t become SRC president at NUST I could have easily crumbled and died but hey the guy who won got arrested less than a week in office. That one job that I really wanted and I didn’t get but the company closed down two months down the line. That one woman that was severely rude to me and inspired me to start my own organisation. The people that wouldn’t take my ideas and are still stuck where I left them and now want to listen to me. (Too late for that!) Imma use my ideas for my own selfish benefit thank you. Sometimes we should just take a look back and be grateful for the tough love we got that catapulted us into our zenith.