IMG-20140813-WA022Here we are Miss Muffet, at 25. Not as exciting as I thought it would be but here’s to the New Year! The first thing people say when you tell them that you are a 25 year old female is that it’s the ideal child bearing age. The subtle hints to bear children have begun. And that’s not the strange part. What’s strange is that marriage isn’t even a factor anymore. In what world would I have a baby out of wedlock. No offence to those that did but I grew up with both parents and I want my baby to have that as well.

I know I’m always on a soapbox about women empowerment and all that but I’m not cut out to be both a mother and a father. I am fully aware of my capabilities. I strongly believe that my womb was designed to give birth to kings and not bastard children. I’d sooner pick a man that is a better father than he is a husband. My child deserves it. I know what you’re thinking, have I met this man? I’d like to think I have. But he wants like 5-8 years to sort his stuff out. And I don’t think he realises that by that time I will be 30-33 years old. Has he never heard of the old wives’ tales that if you have a baby too late labour will be a fate worse than death cause things just ain’t as stretchy as they used to be. But have no fear, I won’t be one of those girls that tricks a man into marriage by getting pregnant. A trapped animal will always be looking for ways to escape and for me that’s not a life. Shout-out to the girls that tried it and it worked!

Anyway, there’s like a whole to-do list that I have drafted and it must be accomplished by the time you hit 26. You really gotta finish all those projects you left half way. You aren’t getting any younger. And I know full well that you have a lot of good ideas and they get overwhelming and you haven’t a clue which to pursue. Just pick three and run with them. The rest other people will pursue. Understand that God has blessed the works of your hands and everything you touch will prosper. You’ve always been afraid to go it alone but at 25 you can’t afford to be scared of anything. You’ve always needed a crutch or a helping hand but they have done more harm than good. No one can see the vision as well as you do.

What being 24 should have taught you is that not everybody was cut out to be an employer and some people are okay with being employees all their lives. Many of your ideas have been stolen and I know you aint mad at all cause good ideas are like breathing to you but what stands true is that you can steal an idea but you cannot steal execution. Go it alone honey, with God you are the majority, see it through and when it pays out aint nobody gonna come and claim shares and credit. Nobody loves you more than me. Thernx for being there for me. You are my nigga!!!