This is a difficult topic for me because I am really not into clothes. If being naked was legal, I’d opt for that honestly. But because the hwindis aren’t having it, I have to put on clothes. I’d really like to dress better and to dress according to my body type but it always ends up looking a mess. However, there are three items of clothing that I do like and these are listed below.



I love great underwear. I pay a lot of attention to the underwear that I buy more than the clothes that go over it. The right underwear can give you the confidence and reassurance that you need. Choosing the ideal underwear will hide your flaws and amplify your ‘assets.’ High waisted spandex will hide that tummy and love handles whilst a good fitting bra will disguise that you have breastfed four babies. Underwear for me is the indicator that shows who you get dressed for. Underwear is personal and private. The public will not know that you are killing it under that kaftan. Or do you dress for the people. Do you wear the one bra with expensive flashy clothes covering it up? Who are you trying to impress?


Fit and Flair Dresses

These dresses are the only thing I truly feel comfortable in. They are tight around the chest and they flair out at the bottom. These hide my belly flat and love handles that are stubborn to the max. They are ideal for most occasions and I can put on weight and still fit in them. When I finally get pregnant, they could probably pass off as maternities. What more could you need? Being in a fit and flair dress just makes you feel more girly, more feminine if there was ever such a thing.


T-shirt and Sweat Pants

When I am at home this is my official national dress after being naked of course. In summer or in winter, if you visit me at home this is what I’ll wear. I don’t feel the need to explain why this is my super hero outfit for chilling. On days when I don’t give a damn, I’ll leave the house in this get up and get embarassed when I meet people dressed to the 9s. I still do it anyway. I promised the Zulugirls that I’d stop with my hobo-chic but you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Chances are there is no underwear beneath the baggy sweatpants and oversize t-shirt. The Zodwa Wabantu in me likes to roam around and be free.


There are so many articles of clothing that I have refused to let go of in my closet. A couple of them have featured in too many Instagram pictures and this I know too well. When I like something, it gets very difficult for me to let go of it. Festive season is around the corner, I’ll do best and part with most of this stuff.