The one thing that must be done in my city is for the industries to be developed into their former glory. This is a touchy, sensitive topic because everybody has their two cents and we will always end up at tribalism but this needs to be rectified.


The festive season is around the corner, and for Bulawayo that means The Homecoming is looming. People are sitting somewhere, working tirelessly, day and night to bring us the party of the year! Like a thief in the night, you will wake up to posters everywhere about this year’s Homecoming acts. In all the kombis, all you’ll be hearing about is Homecoming. People, beg, steal, borrow and genuinely save up to attend The Homecoming. But this isn’t the must thing to do in my city.


The thing you absolutely have to do in my city comes the morning after events such s The Homecoming.


Get up in the morning. Eat your breakfast like usual. Try and act ordinary. Don’t let your excitement show. Take a bath but bath less than you normally would. If you can. Try to avoid using Dettol. Take note for this is important, when you get dressed, don’t wear anything that you have bought in the past four years. Pick out something that says, “I have rent my clothes and I am covered in sackcloth.”


Walk over to your wallet and count your $2 worth of 10 cent coins. Place them in groups of 5 in 4 of your different pockets. To complete the outfit, wear BATA tommy shoes or flip-flops. Carry nothing with you as you exit your house. Leave any jewelry, pride and dignity at home and go buy a stolen phone in Makokoba that people “dropped” at the Homecoming.