The biggest threat to a black woman in the office is another black woman. Excuse the tone of finality in my statement and in my defence I haven’t had women of other races in my office. If you have a vacancy in your rainbow office, please consider me for educational purposes.


A girl that I live with back at the hostel works in a parastatal as an intern. The parastatal is highly coveted because rumour has it that they pay well but the women there have made my friend’s life a living hell. They keep policing what she wears. The first time, they called a Code of Conduct workshop where the interns were then told what they can and cannot wear to work. Just last week, they called her in to HR and reprimanded her yet again.


Another girl that I know, had her boss calling her in to say that she dresses too fancy and that the clients won’t find her approachable because she is too stylish. I laughed when I heard this story because its crazy stupid. If the outfit isn’t too revealing or skimpy then its fine by me. How well you can put your clothes and accessories together shouldn’t be a factor. Why does another woman’s style threaten you?


You are not in competition with another woman. Most cold wars in the office between women stem from a secret competition that only one party is involved in. You literally get into a war with another person without their knowledge. Everything about them is held in comparison with yourself. Why do you do this to yourself?


If you want to start a cold war in the office, let your female colleague walk in with a new hairstyle and do not compliment her. It’s so funny to watch. Y’all are thirsty for approval. Do your hair for yourself and not for compliments. It’s no one’s business what you look like and what you choose to wear. I have been fortunate enough to work in very laissez-faire creative spaces that didn’t care too much about anything. I wear clothes because it is legal to walk around naked besides that, I am a nudist at heart.


When you are at the place of business, it’s best you just mind your own business. Look neither left nor right to what you came to work to do. Get your money honey and stay focused.