Hell yeah! Bae can police whatever I wear. I wouldn’t put on anything that he doesn’t approve of. I’d like it when he throws the long arm of the law at me. What’s life without a penal code?


We are all into different things. To each his own. Submission is my thing.


If a person wants to police the clothes that you wear, they must be in a position to buy you the clothes that they’d rather see you in. Don’t be like I hate your whole wardrobe, change it. Where am I supposed to get the money to dress according to your desires? At work they do not give me “Bae’s Preferences Allowance.” Put your money where your mouth is and I will wear whatever tickles your fancy.


Men are visual creatures we’ve been knowing this. He must like what he is looking at. All my male friends keep updating me on things that they absolutely despise on women. I don’t own most of those things. But you need to find a balance. If men had it their way, we’d walk around half-naked all the time or in yoga pants. Be willing to compromise. Meet him halfway. Fuse your style to his preferences. Switch it up once in a while.


If you are dating a man with an inferiority complex. He will police your wardrobe and not from a good place. He will ask you to cover up more because he is scared that other men will see what he saw when he approached you. Then why approach the woman in the first place if you are going to change her personal style? Beats me but he will probably beat you too so you should probably get out.


When we were kids, the way we came out dressed was a representation of our parents. This is where the phrase, “Did your mother see you leave the house dressed like that?” came about. When I am now in a relationship, I am representing him too and he has the right to police what I wear. Thembi Terry hates clothes, so she cannot marry a politician or a lawyer because he probably will not be able take her anywhere. In the words of Beyonce, he needs to be able to take you with him just to compliment the deal. Future says in I Won, “I just wanna take you out and show you off!” Stand beside your man in something he can be proud of, be his eye candy, he won’t take small houses and escorts to these things. He will stop going alone to these shindigs. (For more information please refer to Chris DeBurgh’s Lady in Red.)


Can your partner tell you what to wear?